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If you’ve decided you are ready to learn how to generate income online but don’t know where to begin, you have landed on the right page. Today, I will share an easy step you can take and leave information on key components I believe are essential to generating income online. There are four components I believe are essential in order to succeed and we will cover them all. Let me start by saying these components can also be applied to other aspect of business and personal life, and don’t strictly apply to online income creation.

Now lets get started shall we!

  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Like I mentioned earlier these components apply to universal success but are extremely important if you are interested in learning how to generate income online. As a beginner, getting started with online income creation can present many hurdles and obstacles you have to get around as you juggle learning new things.

Technical terms like “KEYWORD”,SEO“, “TAGS“, and “CONTENT” can be scary and intimidating to some beginners who have no idea what they mean, especially if they are not computer-literate and don’t feel capable. The key in my opinion is to accept your current situation for what it is, maintain an open mind and keep a positive attitude while believing in your ability to make progress.

Embrace the challenges that you may face and remember that there are a lot of things out of your control, the one thing we can control is our attitude. It can be very easy to see the success of other and feel like a failure in comparison, it is important to remember you are running your race at your pace. Set simple but challenging goals that are achievable, and celebrate your accomplishments accordingly. I have found this to be one of the best ways to stay positive and motivated about long term goals, which is exactly what your in for with generating income online.


I can’t say enough about having a great student mentality because it is essential to growth and development. If you want to generate income online then you have to be open-minded and ready to receive information that you may not believe to be true or even possible… This doesn’t mean believe everything you hear.

I have personally watched lots of videos of people who share stories on how to generate income online, and a lot of them are a lot younger than me. Again don’t be discouraged, and don’t let your pride or ego make you believe that it is not possible. The way I see it, they decided to learn how to generate income online before I did, the good news is I still have the ability to learn and catch up. That is the way I choose to proceed as I move through my income creation online, and it has been very effective so far.

  • STRONG SUPPORT SYSTEM: This can arguable be the most important component of all because if you have a positive attitude and great student mentality, then you add a strong support system – I’d say you can definitely generate income online. Why do I say this?

I know what some may be thinking at this point – I have the positive attitude and student mentality but what do you mean strong support system? Let me explain, for you to be successful especially in the early phases of growth you need mentors or coaches. People who can assist you as you move along with understanding different parts of the industry and how everything is linked. Depending on what avenue you decide on, the cost of the service could easily start to climb quickly and some people may never get started as a result.

I will spend more time and go in depth with this section because I think it is very important and crucial to your success if you want to generate income online. I want to use a real life illustration to explain my point and hopefully it is easy for you to follow.

One day I was thinking of a way to supplement my income and be able to have more time for the things I wanted to do, and I didn’t want to get another “JOB”. As I thought more about the situation and what I could do, I decided to search for opportunities that will allow me to generate income online. Long story short, I came across Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and I was very pleased and excited with the opportunity in front of me.

I almost joined another platform or group before finding WA and they shall remain nameless, as my intent is not to bash their reputation. I will say that although I came close to signing up and giving my debit card information, something told me to stop and DO MORE RESEARCH and boy am I glad I did.

The benefit and value that I saw from the support system at WA was what hooked me, and assured me that they were legit. First, I was able to sign up for FREE, without giving my credit or debit card information so I could get the experience firsthand. Sort of like Costco – you get unlimited free samples of certain products, then you get to buy if you really like the product.

Once I started immersing myself in the training, I knew that this was the right decision, and that I would like to continue moving forward with all the lessons that I had available to me. In a short time I was able to learn and apply so many new skills and the feeling was addictive. With the active community that is available 24/7 to assist you as you progress, I found myself spending more hours than I initially planned creating and networking with other experts and beginners.

I decided to upgrade my free account to a paid monthly membership so that I can gain access to more support and tools to generate income online. I know what some people may be thinking…you were offered the free membership only so they can sign you up to collect a monthly fee. Okay…so what, even if that were the case.

Major companies and organizations today often offer their products or services to people daily, we have all seen the “7 day free trail” to allow potential buyers the opportunity to get a free sample. As we said earlier free to try-but if you like then you buy, but most people only proceed if they see VALUE in the product or service.

I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for about a month and I created a website already that has content indexed in google already. I don’t say that to brag but to let you know that you can be successful and generate a passive income online if you have the right tools and know how to use them. As I continue to learn something new every day from the WA community, and with the effort I put in I see nothing but success now and in the future.

  • HARD WORK ETHIC: This is another important component most people don’t want to hear when it comes to making money, let alone income online. If you were to ask 10 random people today, “Would you like to take a free course to learn how to generate income online?” most might say yes.

The reality is that most people would not complete that course, we live in a so-called microwave mentality society where everyone wants instant results. With that mindset and thinking, the hard work ethic required can fade quickly if it’s there at all. The opportunity to generate income online is unique because it is almost like farming, where you have to plant the seed and nurture it in order to see results.

The awesome thing about this is that once you begin seeing the results of your effort, it becomes like fuel to a fire and allows you to gain momentum. Eventually, you can enjoy the rewards from your past efforts and continue generating new revenue streams if you want.

For most people the concept of generating income online seems like an impossible task, if you have the belief and you put forth the work ethic then you can be unstoppable. Although the end goal is to make money online, I am excited about the learning and growth as a result of the process. I know that with the positive attitude, great student mentality, strong support system, and hard work ethic I will achieve my goals sooner than later.

In conclusion, I would like to say that anyone can begin learning how to generate income online today. If you are interested and don’t know where to begin, I hope this helped shed some light and provided some direction. Positive attitude, student mentality and work ethic are key things that you need to bring to the table if you aim to be successful, finding the right support system to assist in your growth and development is something you should consider carefully. If you were wondering about what easy steps to take to get started, check out Wealthy Affiliate and please let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Thanks again for sticking around, and as always your feedback is always welcome and appreciated below.

Best Regards,

Jefrey Mihedji

Passive Income For You

4 thoughts on “Want To Learn How To Generate Income Online? – Start Here!

  1. I love this article, so much great information. I agree with everything you said. You need to have these components in order to succeed. I’m glad you like wealthy affiliate. I’m also a member of wealthy affiliate. It’s definitely a beginner friendly training platform for someone who knows nothing about affiliate marketing. Thank you for sharing this article. Keep up with the good work.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it and saw value, I love the WA platform and all it has to offer. I just want to keep growing and reaching more people to share my content with. I appreciate your support and please continue to stop by and invite anyone you think may benefit, and share with them. Chat with you soon

  2. Very informative and accurate post indeed. As a student I just started looking for the path I want to take and came with affiliate marketing. I was stunned with all the post of “make $1000 per day”, “easy way to earn $5000 per week” so on and so forth. As I started to research a little bit more it became clear that money is not handed so easily. You must work and give people what they need.

    I was wondering around the internet, looking for a good platform to start my journey as affiliate marketer and entrepreneur. I came up with Wealthy Affiliate and now doing my research to find out if this platform is what I’m looking for. All the testimonials, reviews, replies leads to believe that this platform has the best community and mentoring program and it’s everything I need as a starter.

    I made up my mind and will give it a shot. Moreover, it’s free! Thank you Jefrey, you helped me to decide and lighten up the path. Will inform you how I’m doing from time to time.


    1. ABSOLUTELY! I will stay in touch and follow you. I have been working and making progress for a month or so, and it has been a very exciting journey so far. Like you and I know the work has to be put in to get the results. I will continue to provide as much information that can assist anyone as they start their journey in this space. The WA community has definitely been a great help to me so far and there is still a long way to go. Thanks for stopping by and reading the article, please let me know if there is anything that I can do or write about to help you.

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