Virtual Entrepreneur Association (VEA) By Daven Michaels Is Worth A Look

What’s going on everyone, if your like me then your probably wondering what the deal is with (VEA)Virtual Entrepreneur Association by Daven Michaels and why I say it’s worth a look. I will break it down, show you how it works and how you stand to benefit from the membership program.

Trust me, if you invest a few minutes in soaking in the information provided then you’ll leave with a WEALTH of KNOWLEDGE about VEA and how it can separate you from many business owners.

In this article we will explore:

  • What is VEA
  • VEA Membership Perks
  • Why You Can Have Success With VEA
  • How You Can Make And Save Money with VEA
  • Is VEA Worth Your Time?

What is VEA?

Virtual Entrepreneur Association can be described as a community sharing platform with, connections, discounts, resources and coaching to help you on your path to building a successful business and make money. VEA was founded by Daven Michaels and the mission is to “support and assist home-based business people with their goals of growing their income, leveling their skills and building lasting, lifetime relationships!”

As a beginner or expert in business, there has been a time when you may have felt or still feel lost, stuck, and alone. Part of the mission of VEA is to make sure they can provide the support we all need from time to time, by leveraging the collective intelligence of the community to help support and solve each others problems.

Exclusive access to business resources and professional coaching allow any member the opportunity to increase their momentum and get on the fast track to success. VEA is a unique opportunity that can assist you as a member by providing discounts and saving you money, but also allows you to generate a passive income at the same time by sharing with others.


Membership Perks

  • Business Marketing Resources– VEA members have special access to business and marketing resources in the area of software development, graphic design, PR, legal, group coaching, accountability, and much more.
  • Weekly Mentorship Calls– As an entrepreneur in any industry, the goal is to lead the competition, stay on top of your game by constantly sharpening your craft and building better business practices. Members get access to Daven and other business leaders on weekly coaching calls, which allow for specific questions to be asked about building better businesses.
  • Community and Education– VEA members have access to a huge community of professionals that are more than happy to assist, share expertise, and provide overall support when needed. With exclusive access to top-tier business courses in the comprehensive learning center, members can also increase their business knowledge constantly.
  • Awesome Travel Incentives & Exclusive Discounts– Daven Michaels and his team has negotiated over 671,000 exclusive discounts in various industries for VEA members to save money. With the personal and business travels everyone does today, VEA allows members to save even more money with exclusive deals.
  • Global Events & Accountability– The global events held by VEA for its members focus on relationship building, growth hacks, marketing strategies, and sharing the latest trends. The emphasis on accountability is apparent in the community, and the focus in on doing what it takes.
  • Expert Interviews– Daven, VEA’s founder host live interviews weekly with different thought leaders from around the world with various business backgrounds. Members have the opportunity to learn and develop business skills, ask questions and get instant support to help them grow their businesses.
  • 52-Week Customized Business Training Series- This is HUGE for those who have the drive and desire to take action, but just don’t know where to begin. As you will see, there is no special or tech skills needed to save money and generate a reccuring income which can turn passive with VEA. With the customized training provided, great benefits can be received by both newbies just starting out and experts who want to take their business to the next level.

This is just some of what VEA has to offer member, the question you should ask yourself is – Could I or anyone I know benefit from any of the resources, discounts, training, and opportunities VEA members have access to? If the answer is yes, then I recommend you take advantage of the 14-day free trial available now to see the benefits for yourself, or share it with someone you know who can take advantage.

Why Anyone Can Succeed With VEA

When you simplify VEA, what you have is a community platform built for business owners and entrepreneurs which provides them with the opportunity to take advantage of various resources, discounts, and a world-class education to help them on their personal and professional journey.

By sharing the opportunity VEA offers to anyone (including friends and family) who wants to join the community, you can generate a consistent, monthly, reccuring income at the same time! What could you do with an extra couple of hundred or a thousand dollars a month?

The best part is you don’t have SELL anything to anyone, this unique opportunity has a 14-DAY FREE TRIAL so anyone can experience the benefits firsthand before being charged a penny. Once members realize how valuable VEA is after taking it for a test drive, it becomes a NO-BRAINER for most to invest so little to gain so much more.

How to Make and Save Money With VEA

VEA provides discounts on things most people purchase on a daily basis and allows members to save money by taking advantage of the savings. I know what you’re wondering, how can money be made with VEA? Here are just a few more highlights that can make VEA a long term passive income generator for you.

  1. Broad Appeal: We mentioned earlier VEA can benefit many business owners, entrepreneurs, or individuals in many industries. It can assist huge companies and corporations all the way down to mom-and-pop shops in your own neighborhood, so sharing with people becomes more beneficial for everyone.
  2. EverGreen Offer: This offer can be used as a source of reccuring revenue for long term passive income building, so it makes it easier to share with others. No need for high pressure sales tactics that can cause people to unsubscribe from an email list you’ve built.
  3. High Conversions: Due to the Free trial offer used to promote VEA, curiosity sign ups are maximized and once users get the first-hand value and experience they usually keep the membership going.
  4. Paid Free Trials: As I said earlier, with the opportunity to promote such an amazing offer with a free trial entry, VEA converts so well the company will pay $5 for every Free trial you send there way. Even if people decide not to take the paid membership or any up sells, you can make cash simply by sharing with people.
  5. Robust Funnel: If everyone you send to VEA only access the trial and nothing else, you’re still making $5 per referral…not life changing by any means. However, with the up sells anyone can a reduced the membership price by investing for a year rather than monthly, receive coaching, access the VEA Black Card, and so much more!
  6. Reccuring Income: If you are still wondering why I said Virtual Entrepreneur Association by Daven Michaels is worth a look, hopefully this will clarify a lot for you. You already get $5 for every Free Trial sign up, but what happens if they decide to join VEA as a paying member just like you? You then have the chance to make up to $240 from the initial sign up and up sells plus an $8 monthly reccuring income on membership fees($20 each month) for the life of the membership.

Is VEA Worth Your Time?

Recurring Income

VEA aims to keep membership fees down and benefits up, which leads to high retention and consistent checks to anyone sharing VEA membership with other. If you are looking to become the ultimate virtual entrepreneur, VEA can help you grow your business by providing the resources you need to build your business on a solid foundation.

With the community support and networking opportunities, you can quickly bypass rookie mistakes and obstacles to get on the fast track to success with your business en devours. When you’re ready for the next level, VEA can connect you with investors, business loans, lines of credit, and many more financing options to help scale your business.

In my opinion VEA is worth your time if you are looking to

  • Build a business online
  • Make an income by saving money on things you buy for personal or business use
  • Build a passive income from sharing the opportunity VEA offers and sending the company new members
  • Increase your cash flow without having tech skills
  • Make an impact in their lives and the lives of others

If this sounds like you, I think VEA is definitely worth your time and you should check it out today, while the membership is right around $20 bucks.


I sure hope you saw all the value and benefits VEA has to offer, from the membership savings to the Passive income generation opportunities, It is almost impossible to fail if you take action and put in the work. Since you made it this far, my question to you is will you take action and share VEA with others or will you keep this amazing offer to yourself? I would love to hear your thought, questions, or concerns so don’t forget to leave a comment. Thanks again for reading this article.

Best regards,

Jefrey Mihedji

8 thoughts on “Virtual Entrepreneur Association (VEA) By Daven Michaels Is Worth A Look

  1. Virtual Entrepreneur Association actually sounds pretty cool and the $20 per month seams more than reasonable. I like that you get access to marketing resources for variety industries, but more specifically software development. 

    I actually like that they claim they will provide you with training to create a business that you can eventually sell. Thanks for the overview of VEA! Sounds like cool stuff. 

    1. Hey Nate, 

      Thanks for your comment, I really hope VEA is valuable tool you can use to build your business and you can take full advantage of everything they have to offer. As you said, the $20 investment is more than reasonable so I would imagine many people will take advantage of the FREE trial for 14 days and keep the membership going. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist. 

      Best regards, 

      Jefrey M.  

  2. Hello, Thanks for bringing virtual entrepreneur association to the table. I feel it’s a great way to make passive income through savings and building my business online. It’s perfectly places for those who want to become online entrepreneurs and I’m glad you have noted all this to show that it’s not one one of those scams. For a platform to have two weeks trial, it goes to show that they are credible and I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks again and best regards.

    1. Hello, 

      Thanks for your feedback, I hope that you are able to benefit from VEA  and build your business. There are many things VEA offers members, and the opportunity to build a passive income is great. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, or if you have nay questions about VEA. HAve a great day!

      Best regards, 

      Jefrey M. 

  3. Wow! This is simply awesome overview of the virtual entrepreneur association. I actually like the initiative with the motive to build a bigger community of helping and successful entrepreneurs. The major factor for me here to desire to join this platform is simply because of the referrals and commission. That’s just simply amazing with how much that could be made per referral. I will surely look into thus. Great post

    1. Thanks for your feedback, I’m also excited about the earning potential with VEA. Feel free to share this post with anyone who may be interested in an opportunity like this and please let me know if you end up joining the VEA community. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. 

      Best regards, 

      Jefrey M. 

  4. Hey, I want to know if the $5 per free trial and upto $8 recurring commission is still available on VEA??
    If yes, this would be amazing get training and money both at the same time..

    1. Yes Hassan,
      VEA is still around and growing, if you are an affiliate promoting the offer to others then you are able to get the payouts you mentioned. You can also take advantage of the 14-day free trial to see how everything works and if you can use some of the benefits they offer for yourself. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be ore than happy to assist you.

      Best regards,
      Jefrey M.

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