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If you are interested in making money online and have no idea where to begin, this may be the one stop shop that can turn your dreams into a reality. The Wealthy Affiliate review in 2018 will give you a better understanding of why I chose to use this platform to begin my online journey, and why YOU should checkout Wealthy Affiliate for yourself.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

One of the few Affiliate marketing platforms I know about that offers a variety of tools, services, and training that anyone can use to build an online business and start earning cash from almost anywhere with a computer and WiFi connection. Some people call this the laptop lifestyle

Imagine getting rid of the dreaded morning commute, and the bad drivers that give you road rage instead of a good morning! Or not getting stuck in traffic at the end of a long day wishing you could close your eyes and magically teleport home.

How about changing that routine, working from the comfort of your home, and creating more time for things that matter most. How does that sound?

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  • Free starter Account
  • Training courses
  • Website building (WordPress)
  • Live Events (Weekly)
  • JAAXY Research Tool
  • Live Chat
  • So much more!!!



There are many options when it comes to choosing a platform which allows you to build a business online, and provide the training and resources needed to be successful. Very few offer a Free UNLIMITED membership to get you going.

With just an email address, I was able to gain access to the Wealthy Affiliate platform and begin my online entrepreneur certification. 5 courses and 50 lessons which are available if you see value and decide to upgrade after the intro courses packed with great information. This is just the beginning.

You also have access to a live chat feature available for 7 days, which is a premium member only feature. Questions can be answered and much-needed help received as well.

Private messaging is another premium feature which is available to you for a limited time as well, and allows you to get one-on-one attention when needed as opposed to the live chat with the community.

You can see there are lots of resources available to anyone willing to put n the time to learn, and apply to get the desired results.

Training Courses-Thorough Or Fluff?

Like we discussed earlier, there are tons of training courses which are available as a starter member. If you would like to upgrade to a premium member, you have even more training materials at your disposal.

Since everyone is on a different level, you can find the right courses that you may need to take your business to the next level. You move through the training, there is task bar that show your completion % so you always know where you are.

Beginners and experts have the opportunity to learn and share knowledge together by interacting in the community within Wealthy Affiliate. By engaging in courses and applying your knowledge in real life, you have the opportunity to share what works and what you may have questions about.

At Wealthy Affiliate you also have the opportunity to network with other marketers who are very successful in the online business world. Again, there is a lot to learn so you can combine your knowledge from courses with the experience of fellow members to get results faster.



Fully Functional WordPress Website

Once you have picked your niche and figured out what you want o talk about on your site, the next step is to build it! Don’t worry if you have no experience building a website, the process is broken down into simple steps that are easy to follow with no coding or tech skills required. If you can cut and past, you’re good to go.

WordPress is used by over 60 million websites and some of which are the top 10 million as of April 2018. That means that you can have confidence in the software that your site is built on.

As a starter, you can create TWO free websites and host them on domain for $0. You build your site and get more experienced, chances are you will want to upgrade and have the ability to build up to 50 sites (25 on & 25 on domains you choose) all within WA and have access to more tool.

You can see you there is an option to register a domain that you want to own as virtual real estate, or you can host with WA in the future if you would like.

There are many themes within the site builder that you can use to build your website as a starter, and of course there are more options as a premium member. No pressure to upgrade, however, there are more perks if you decide to go premium.

You get very detailed instructions and videos to follow in order to get your site up and running in no time, and you can always ask questions if and when you get stuck on anything along the way too.

How Live Events Make An Impact

Every Friday there is Live Webinar that is available to premium members who would like to learn new skills and techniques to improve their business online. If you are unable to attend there is usually a recording of the webinar available with 24-48hrs, allowing anyone to still benefit from the education.

I must admit that I have personally received so much value from the Friday webinars and love the fact I can go back years and watch hours of content to assist with building a more profitable business online.

Not only do you get to travel back in time and watch past webinars that are beneficial, you also have the ability to look ahead and see what’s coming up in the future and make sure you reserve your seat and set your reminder.

The Webinars are hosted by the same person, so you become familiar with his presentation style and personality. You can also interact during the webinar, and ask questions at the end with the live Q&A which is always helpful to clarify any points discussed during the presentation.


Jaaxy Research Tool (What Can’t It Do?)

When looking at reaching an audience online through blogging or content creation, it is very important to do your keyword research and choose options that will generate lots of organic traffic to your website.

The Goal is to increase rankings in search engines like google, yahoo, and bing over time, you can do this by using the right keywords when creating valuable content that helps people solve a problem or help them make a decision.

Jaaxy lite and starter are included with the premium and starter membership at $0 and gives anyone the opportunity to access high ranking Keywords among other features you can see below, but there are more features unlocked for experts who want to go with the Pro or Enterprise options.


Live Chat

This feature allows member to engage in discussions about different topics that are related to building there business or what has been going on during the weekend.

It is a laid back atmosphere where members are actively communicating and new friendships can be formed, and mentors found.

Overall, it is all about being able to engage with multiple users and see different conversations just like any chat room you have been in.(Only these conversations usually business and networking related)

I find that I typically use this feature when I am looking to get an answer to a question and would like multiple responses from different sources, and perspectives to help see different approaches to the same task.

What Else Does WA Have To Offer?

Just in case you missed everything we talked about already, or simply didn’t tie it all together. There are a lot of services that are offered under one roof and I only mentioned just a few, I suggest reading more HERE to get more information about benefits or create a starter account and try it for free.

I am not trying to make it obvious or hide the fact that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I know the platform has a lot to offer anyone looking to venture into the online business world or sharpen their skills and climb to the next level in the game.

One Of The Main Benefits To You.

I wrote the wealthy affiliate review in 2018 to share many benefits of using WA and what I have personally gained from using this platform. And I know some readers may be asking, what about the negatives or cons? They haven’t shown up yet and if they do I will certainly be updating and adding the experience here. STAY TUNED.

Seriously, one of the main benefits WA offers aside from getting access with just an email address is the fact that you can truly begin to earn as you learn by referring other to the platform and making money.

Yes, you can start making money with Wealthy Affiliate even before you spend a penny- It says so below.

I know we have covered a lot, and I thank you for sticking with me and following along. I hope you are getting value from the article and hopefully you decide to take action if you haven’t already. In the next image I will do my best to summarize more benefits WA brings to the table.

If you remember earlier we discussed the importance of Keywords, and doing proper research, how about adding the perfect writing tool to compliment your creative process all within the same platform.-Site Content

The ability to get comments on posts and pages that you have created is huge, especially for a beginner looking to start off on the right foot.-Site Comments

When you can have peers or fellow members in the community give feedback on the overall site you create, you can be sure to get necessary and constructive feedback to build a better business online.-Site Feedback

You can track all your post and pages in an easy location without hassle, there is also an indication to alert you when your post gets indexed in google which is another great feature.

You can see Site support is available for your website, so like I said earlier no technical skills required for your websites. Unless you want to remain a starter member, or have the technical knowledge to handle any issues you may encounter.




Hopefully the wealthy affiliate review in 2018 has provided you with more information about the platform has to offer, if there are questions you have that didn’t get answered please leave them below. Feel free to add any relevant comments as well. Thanks again for checking out the article and please don’t forget to stop by soon for more valuable content.


Best Regards,

Jefrey Mihedji

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