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If you are reading this, chances are you have thought about making money through online marketing avenues. Maybe you had no idea about the possibility to make money online until you saw the title and clicked here. Today, I will share some top free affiliate programs online that are available to join now and allow you to generate income.

There are many steps to take before you can begin making money online, the most important one may be the Niche you decide to work with and promote. There are many affiliate networks that have thousands of different products in different niches and allow you to promote them and earn commissions when you drive sales through your unique affiliate link.

In no particular order we are going to dive into some the programs online that you can utilize and hopefully you can find one or more that speaks to you.

    1. List of top free affiliate programs online
    2. How to join and get started
    3. How to Make money
    4. Pros and Cons
    5. Commission Structure



Amazon Associates

As we discussed earlier this is a free program to join and earn income online for anyone interested. Some people may wonder if it is worth getting into, there are so many people already doing it. Let me tell you, the answer is YES! There are lots of people doing it for a reason, they are making money and are not working as hard as you may think once they figure out how it works and you can too. There are many buyers online and endless products to promote, the sooner you get started, the better off you will be.

Amazon is a company that has seen significant growth year after year, with new consumers constantly shopping on the site their income  continues growing rapidly and more affiliates keep reaping the rewards. You probably shop on Amazon or know someone who does, so why haven’t you started making money?

Read this if you want to get some tips on how you can get started today.

They are a trusted brand that has spent millions of dollars figuring out the best ways to monetize their site, provide new products, and continue to attract new users to fuel the companies’ growth in the market. When promoting products from Amazon, it is easier to gain the trust of the potential buyers since they are familiar with the name and recognize the brand. Placing affiliate links strategically on websites, blogs, videos e.t.c can be a great way to promote products and earn money.

PROS: Trusted name, Tons of products to promote, Free to Join, Wide range of marketing tools, 24 hr Tracking Cookie

CONS: Low Starting Commission, LAUNDRY LIST OF THINGS YOU CAN’T DO, please read terms carefully!!!


Overall, the reputation and product selection offered by Amazon can certainly be useful to anyone looking for products online to promote and make money. You can expect better conversions and on-time pay as an affiliate, as long as you’re doing your part in the marketing process. With a world-wide trusted brand name and a host of display ads at your disposal, you can get off to a great start with Amazon. I will caution you to have a good idea of how you plan on making sales before you join, you are EXPECTED to refer a sale with your first 180 days through your link. Again, read the terms and conditions carefully.


Target Affiliates

Target is another huge, well-know retailer trusted by many in the marketplace today. Today they are one of the top discount retailer stores behind Walmart, they continue to grow by making use of the affiliate marketers willing to join their program. Why should I use target to promote products online? Not many people are aware that Target has an affiliate program, which can be a benefit to you as an affiliate marketer.

If you can provide unique products to your audience in whatever niche you are in, the chances of you making more money from your promotions increase. You can expect to see discounts and special promotions that you can use to drive traffic to target through your website, and make money. The unique opportunity that I saw within the product selection with Target is you can offer subscriptions for wedding, baby, and college registries. This is a unique and profitable opportunity for someone in the baby or wedding niche to explore in my opinion.

Like many other programs they offer many affiliate tools to assist you with promoting effectively and make money regardless of your niche. They offer weekly newsletters with updates to keep affiliates informed, regular contests and new sales opportunities are always available as well. If you succeed in your marketing efforts, they succeed in selling more products, so they provide many resources to assist you as a Target affiliate.

When it comes to the commissions, one thing I found really amazing is that they have a 7-day cookie that tracks your link and pays you a commission when someone makes a qualified purchase. Most programs have a 24hr time frame, so Target is well above the norm. They use a volume and category based structure that increases with the increase of your sales.

PROS: Free to join, User friendly affiliate page, easy to understand commission structure, and UNIQUE offers.

CONS: Lack of online market presence or following

Although Target is a huge name trusted by many, it is not as popular when it comes to online shopping like some others like Amazon. This could be a blessing in disguise because the lack of competition means that as an affiliate, you may be able to reach more people with the unique products not everyone is promoting. Again, some people may be quicker to click an Amazon link before clicking a Target link depending on the product offered.


EBay Partner Network(EPN)

I think of a sleeping GIANT when I think of eBay, they have one of the largest marketplaces globally and sometimes you don’t hear the name as often. Typically, known for the auction style platform with millions of products available to consumers to bid on, or buy instantly if they want. eBay has been around for a long time and has also established a huge network of users and followers, which is why it is on my list of top free affiliate programs online.

How do I make money with EPN? It is simple, they provide a world-class customer support team to assist you and everyone else in the community with the use blogs, Forums, and in-person events help to keep users engaged. There are unique tools available to share and connect people to products they will love. There is a FIND, SHARE, AND EARN approach that allows you to easily reach your audience and make money.

SMART SHARE is a feature offered to help you create a tracking link to share on your Facebook or Pinterest account with one easy click. You can browse eBay outside of the EPN portal and still access smart share to earn commission from shared link anytime. Daily deals of discounts on top brands with free shipping included as well, which helps consumers save more money and make more for affiliates. There are many tools available and lots of support to ensure your success with your promotions, I would definitely look into EPN as a platform to find products to promote and make money

The process is very simplified with eBay, if you have a blog, forum, website, or social media platform to connect with people, you can promote effortlessly and generate an income online with the marketing tools that are available to you. With 300 – 500 word article and instant approval for EPN, why haven’t you got started?

PROS: Great affiliate tools and support, Free to Join, Awesome earning potential with commission structure

CONS: Not know for affiliate marketing



We have covered some top free affiliate programs online, some of which people are using frequently and others may be untapped gold mines. With big brand names like Amazon, Target, and eBay we know there are millions of products which can be used to generate income online. Even with the top affiliate programs online, you still need to work smart and put in the effort required to see success.

All comments and questions are always welcome and encouraged below. If you were able to join just one of the programs we talked about in the article, which would you choose and why?


Best regards,

Jefrey Mihedji

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