Some Of The Best Ways To Earn Passive Income!!!


In this article I will be going over a few of the best ways in my opinion to start earning passive income today. You don’t have to be an expert, or posses any special degrees.

Most people work at a job where they show up 9am and run out at 5pm, and that is the typical work day for most people in the workforce. My goal is to share as many ways for beginners and experts alike to earn passive income online doing whatever excites them.

There are many choices and paths to follow so the information covered will be simple to understand and allow you to get started NOW. If that isn’t for you, then I hope you enjoy the information enough to share it with someone who is.


Some readers may have heard the name Rob Percival, if you haven’t don’t worry because we will discuss his story and hopefully it’s as inspiring for you as it was for me.

Rob was a High School Math teacher who enjoyed his job and helping others. One day he walked into a classroom of another teacher and stumbled upon the UDEMY platform and that was where the” Aha” moment happened for him. Instantly, he could envision how he would use this new-found platform to create value for other who access UDEMY in search of what he had to offer. Passive-Income-Online

Although he was a Math teacher by profession, he had a passion for programming and that was the skill he decided to monetize. His project started in June 2014 and since he was a math teacher, I can only assume he was on Summer break. Rob spent 3 months with his MAC computer at home creating a 30-hour online course on programming that he planned on selling for $199. This is one of the best ways to earn passive income because the course has to be created once but will continue to earn income as time goes on.

As we all know starting a business can be very difficult, and is not likely to yield profits right away. The first day the course was launched for registration, there was hardly any interest and needless to say Rob was not a happy camper and was discouraged. His next move was very wise, strategic, and POSSIBLY the reason he even succeeded at all.


Rob didn’t let the lack of interest stop him from promoting his product to the rest of the world, instead he decided to open the registration to anyone who wanted to take the course for FREE, NO CHARGE, ON THE HOUSE, GRATIS…. But why would he decide to do that??

He had 30hrs of value that he created in his online course and he knew that once people saw the VALUE they would have no problem sharing with others and pay $199 to register themselves. That was where the earning started and the rest is history, like I said earlier this is truly one of the best ways to earn passive income today.

Making adjustments to any plan you may have will likely be part of the journey on the road to success, so when things don’t go as planned don’t quit !!! Rob stayed the course and was able to register 4,000 people in the two week period of free registrations, and after that he had no problem getting interest and signing people up for his course at the original price of $199.

The first month was over and with his email list and list from others he had tapped into, Rob generated a staggering $15,000.Each month after was higher and higher, and he started creating more courses and signed up more students online. He eventually ended up with a $200,000 month.Money-Online

The inspiring thing is that after all the struggles in the beginning, he still pushed through the road block and came out victorious, and it can happen for you too if you are willing to work. Online courses are in high demanding, and creating one about programming doesn’t have to be your choice. Find your passion like Rob, and follow it regardless of what obstacles might come your way. If you liked this story, you will LOVE THIS ONE!



We all know that since the stone-age shelter has been one basic need for human survival, and it has evolved so much over time. Today there are many people all over the world who have constructed some of the most amazing structures for people to live.

Real Estate has been a very lucrative opportunity that many people have taken advantage of and built wealth for themselves. The same opportunity is available to anyone who wants to earn without getting a license to sell property or work full-time in that industry.

I will be discussing three different companies that you can partner with in order to do just that. The first is RICH UNCLES and this company focuses on providing housing to support the students attending some of the major NCAA Colleges and Universities around the country.Online-Income-NCAA

They aim to provide housing typically within a mile from the campus to allow easy access for students who live there, and they typically focus on schools with at least 15,000 students. What they intend to do is provide a win-win situation for everyone involved, and the strategy is not a bad idea at all. Colleges aren’t going away and students will always want to live off campus, so this is definitely one of the best ways to earn passive income as an investor.

I went to College in Augusta, GA and spent my four years on-campus, but there were many people I remember who wanted to live off-campus and ended up getting an apartment somewhere. The idea of living off-campus is very common and since most kids are getting support from mom and dad, there is a very realistic possibility for profit.

The way you make money is simple, with Rich Uncles you can get started with an investment as low as $5 and you’re off and running. The good news is that rent is usually paid monthly so when you invest in a property collecting rent, as an investor you get commissions.

The second company is REAL CROWD, and they are a commercial company that focus on the commercial side of investing. I really like that this company also offers a six-week course for beginners to help understand what they are getting into, and feel comfortable with the decisions they make.

They offer options from mutli-family units to Self storage facilities, so you can agree the minimum invest on these types of opportunities may be much higher and more suitable for someone who has a substantial amount to invest.

Real-Estate-Income2Real Crowd prides itself on being able to connect investors directly to the Real Estate Pros and remove middle men and fees that eat up returns for investors.

Lastly, we will talk about one of the more popular companies doing this today in FUNDRISE. The company’s approach to investing is something they say has not been done until now, and describe it as the 1st true alternative to investing in stocks and bonds. A lot of people believe that the best way to earn passive income could be to invest in tbe stock market, by accessing Fundrise the company says that you will have direct access to private market Real Estate projects that are expected to earn higher overall returns.Income-Technology

The trademark technology that they developed is also another thing that differentiates them from other competitors in this industry. They are very proud of the service and technology that they provide to investors and have increased consistently in cumulative total returns, not to mention that the initial investment to get started is $500.

With all differences and similarities between all the companies, I urge you to check out each of the companies pros and cons before moving forward if you are interested in this avenue.



You may have heard of this term, but maybe you’re not sure what it means or how it works. It is a pretty simple process, it involves promoting and selling other companies products or services and when people decide to purchase something you make a commission. This strategy ranks very high on the list of one the best ways to earn passive income, and I will tell you why.

This is a great strategy for the companies and the marketers involved because both parties have something to gain. Any affiliate marketer who does an awesome job promoting can sell more products or services for a company, and in turn earn more commissions for themselves.


There are many ways to promote products and services to potential buyers today. It is almost impossible to fail when you put in the work. With the software and programs available today, anyone can set up automated emails to reach and stay in touch with clients without much effort. This is HUGE because that means you can do more with your time and let the system work for you.

Let me remind you that you will have to do WORK!!! but the load will be lifted with the help of good systems and strategic partners.

As you read this article stop and think about the last time you shopped at a store like… Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and the list goes on.


All of these store have affiliate programs and anyone can sign up for FREE!!!.. I KNOW CRAZY RIGHT?!?! It is happening right now and you can sign up today!!!


There are a plethora of ideas that are available for anyone to create passive income, and escape the traditional method or 9-5 structure that is so common today.

Stop and think about what your life would be like if you could quit your job today because you earn more money through passive income streams that you have created. Would you take a vacation?


If you were able to spend more time learning to play the piano because that is something you always wanted to do, wouldn’t that be AMAZING?

The truth is most people spend more time working, than doing the things they really love to do, what ever that passion may be. I believe that anyone can create passive income streams. Most people don’t believe it’s possible for them and they fail to TAKE ACTION. Business-Income

If that sound like you, don’t beat yourself up. The next idea that comes to mind…JUST DO IT!!! 

We have talked about some of the best ways to earn passive income today, now what will you do with the information? I would love to hear you thoughts and feedback so please leave comments or questions below, and I will be sure to respond.

Best regards,

Jefrey Mihedji


4 thoughts on “Some Of The Best Ways To Earn Passive Income!!!

  1. Great post! Love that you gave us a couple of different options for making money passively. All of them seem legitimate and I think I’ll take a look into the Real Estate one a little closer… I used to do real estate investing but once the market changed, my investors dropped out and that was the end of that. This seems different.

    Thanks again,

    1. Hey Sabrina, I am glad you enjoyed the article and I definitely want to know what your experience is when you decide to try out any of the options. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, are there any other topics you would like to see or gain more insight on? It would be a pleasure to do one specifically for you, i’m sure others can benefit also. Thanks for your feedback, i’m looking forward to hearing your reply.

  2. Good article and very insightful but its not that easy from where i am standing.

    Real estate is indeed a lucrative business but in my experience, leaving in Africa is kind of different cause many things dont apply nor do most systems really work, like people make them difficult to work. Investing in someone’s building to collect rent might not be easy because our economies are not stable, people tend to take months not paying rent and landlords cant do anything about it but excercise patience, so it might turnout to be suicide investing and you might end up in debt instead, however there are those high end locations were people actually afford rent but who will give you their building if everyone is paying. Meanwhile, what some people have done is acquire land around universities, build beautiful storied complexes turned them into hostels and collect the rent themselves, they are make huge profits cause they are marketable, no student moves in before paying and they dont come cheap, like i had to cough to get my daughter a room (to be shared by two students, singles are double the price and i cant afford it) with just a toilet and bathroom in same space.

    I would choose affiliate marketing because you dont have to own a product but my experience has not been very good at all and i have faced many challenges! I tried last year and it was an epic fail and just last month i said let me try again but alas! First you have to write content about products e.g. diet products yet you dont know anyone who has used them but have to convince strangers to buy by relying on online ‘copy and paste’ reviews whether they are saying the truth or not and this makes you feel kind of guilty, as in you could be selling lies. In Africa people dont really diet, we dont have a choice or the luxury to eat whatever we want and also those packages are so damn expensive. Its basically hard selling a product online like the one i have mentioned above when you are living outside of a particular market say tier 1 one because you dont really know what you are talking about, you have no actual facts and or you dont know anyone who has used them product. It gets worse when it comes to choosing a niche, i have really struggled because most things i would write about and can later turn into sells dont apply where i am from so i have no specific examples and those i would write about, the market that have the resources to buy will have no idea what am talking about. Then my country is not listed on majority of the affiliate programs like Amazon, Clickbank etc. so i have attempted to register under another country but there is a hurdle, like payment options are limited, so i tried Payoneer but the account number they offered me was rejected by Amazon and am yet to figure it out why. Then its quite expensive for some of us joining these affiliate programs cause we dont make that kind of money, yet you have to “invest” but considering my monthly budget expenses its not really economical and am not going to mention the online training courses, those costing an arm and leg! Add some of these programs, you have to pay monthly subscriptions, pay for autoresponder, hosting and domain, moreover you are yet to make any money or be sure you will. Then the taxes, mind you the exchange rates for each country is different but it is always way higher they end up screwing your supposed budget and some are just scam! They take your little hard earned money but you end up not selling anything because of the conditions they attached but you will not realise it till later and you loose money just like that. Lastly, you have to pay for leads or advertise. Its hard. Phew!

    1. Niley, Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this article. I would really love to know what part of Africa you are in, I have family still in Nigeria now and I understand some of the challenges that you bring up when it comes to doing business internationally. As far as the Niche that you decide to pick, I would say do something that you are passionate about because that will help you stay consistent before you start making money. Some people pick their niche based on potential income and this can be a huge mistake, like you said dieting isn’t something very common in Africa…at least while I was there. Picking a Niche in the weight loss or diet industry may not be the best avenue. I personally feel that there are numerous opportunities anyone can take advantage of online, just depending on what they are willing to invest or sacrifice. There are lots of free programs that can help you get started with your campaigns as you learn how to monetize your site, plus using free platforms like YouTube, Facebook e.t.c can eliminate the need for expensive marketing initially. Please let me know if there is a specific challenge you are facing now and having a hard time overcoming, I will do my best to find a solution that can help. Thanks again for your feedback and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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