Need Extra Cash? – Learn How To Get Paid To Teach Online!!

Most of us have at least one or more skills or talents worth sharing. It may be singing, dancing, drawing, or teaching, it doesn’t matter. The point is why not help others by teaching them and get paid in the process? This article will provide simple steps and ideas that can help you learn how to get paid to teach online.

There are a few names that may come to mind when you think about creating an online course, Udemy, Thinkific, Teachable, and the list goes on. All these platforms allow you to share your knowledge with people who may want to learn, and even pay for what you have to offer. If this sound like more than you bargained for, just teach English online and get paid.

What We Will Cover

  1. Sites that Pay you to Teach English
  2. Ideas for Online Courses & where to build them
  3. Free tools to get you started
  4. Tie it all together and make money

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One of the simplest ways to earn money online is by signing up as an English instructor, and teaching people the language you speak daily. If that is English, then your in luck.There are many sites who allow you to do this. You have many options to choose from, pick the one that best fits you and start making money today. Checkout the list below and visit these sites to get more specific information on how they work.

I would encourage anyone interested in pursing this path to check with the company and make sure the qualifications and guidelines are acceptable, some programs are flexible and allow you to set your prices, courses, and so on. Some are more restrictive and require you to have a degree in order to participate, and use teaching material they provide. Overall it is a great way to earn extra cash and help someone learn a language as well.

Online Courses

I’ve seen many ads online with courses you can register for and get FREE information on how to invest in real estate, take advantage of bitcoin, increase website traffic and so on. The fact of the matter is you can create an online course on whatever you want, as long as there is value in your course and people are interested in what you have to say, there is a potential to make money.


If you want to learn how to get paid to teach online, I recommend starting with your passion or something you know a lot about which can be useful if shared with others. Do your very best to give your audience information that will make a difference in their lives, don’t expect anything in return. Once you have gained the trust and confidence of your readers, they will make requests for topics that you may not have created and that is where you can monetize and introduce paid courses.

There are many platforms that allow you to create courses online using their tools and getting help from their community of coaches and instructors. If you are new to online course creation, here are some companies that you may want to check out if you want to get started.

  1. Teachable
  2. Thinkific
  3. Udemy


This is one of the most well-know online course creation platforms out today. I really like the fact that it has a free plan that you can use to see how things work before you decide to pay for the basic or professional plan. Most notable point about teachables platform are ease of use and setup, which allows creators to focus on making professional quality courses for students. Teachable also has strong sales and marketing features that ultimately lead to a better experience for the student, and instructors.


Another big name in this space is Thinkific, and for good reason. They allow you to create, market, and sell online courses to students using strong site themes and page builders. Like teachable they offer a free plan as well, beginners can start creating and selling without having to invest anything upfront. There is great customer support and flexible pricing options for anyone who wants to get more out of the platform.


Udemy is an awesome place to build your course for free and “Teach the world online” as an instructor. Anyone has the opportunity with Udemy to create a course and share it within the community at Udemy, as well as do their own marketing elsewhere to make money. One thing that stands out to me with this opportunity is that you can make 97% of the profit when you sell directly to your audience, compared to 50% if the sale comes from the Udemy community or marketplace.

These three companies all have their pros and cons, and like I said earlier there are many others who provide similar services. I encourage you to take some time to checkout each one and make sure that the platforms has features and benefits that fit your specific need.


I commend you on reaching this part of the article, I think we can both agree most people don’t like to work and sometimes reading is too much work some readers might not have made it this far. I want to share some tools that you can use to get some practice and put together a professional outline that can be transformed into a course to make money online.

WEALTHY AFFILIATE PLATFORM I want to say that there is a FREE membership as well as a paid one, you have access to more tools and support as a paid member though. Anyone can take advantage of the free membership and once you see that value and the potential you have, the paid membership only makes sense. There are other articles with more in-depth information, but know that you are able to build your own website and drive traffic to there with valuable content and advertising.

ADOBE SPARK When I found this program, I couldn’t believe it was free to use!!! The different ways that you can use this system to market and promote to your audience is AMAZING!!! If you have valuable information to share on video like people do on YouTube, then go for it. This allows someone who may be camera shy to set up a professional presentation using video recording, slides, images, and even your voice overs to explain what is happening. I think it is a great way to engage and educate your audience or even promote a product or service.

MAIL CHIMP This is a service that you can use to create a landing page to allow you to do various task for free! If you are looking to build an email list to promote products and services, this is a great platform to try out. Once you have built a list of people who are interested in your offers, you can stay in touch by using auto responder email systems to in touch and follow up with clients with ease. Great Free tool to check out.


If you are serious about taking the necessary steps to learn how to get paid to teach online, I’m sure this has provided you with some help and direction. I am here to clarify or provide more information on anything that may have been confusing to you. Please leave a comment and I will respond ASAP, what skill or passion do you have and would you like to create a course on? I would love to hear your answer. Thanks again for reading, please share with someone who may find it useful.

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