My Traffic Jacker 2.0 Review

Are you struggling to get quality traffic to your website or affiliate offers? In this My Traffic Jacker 2.0 review, I’ll show you how anyone can legally hijack traffic from four of the biggest sites online and redirect them to any page they want and build a solid business online.

This will be an enjoyable read, packed with actionable steps you can use right away, so let’s get started shall we. Here’s what we’ll cover.

  • What is My Traffic Jacker 2.0? (MTJ 2.0)
  • How Does It Work?
  • Is MTJ 2.0 Worth Buying
  • Final Thoughts

What is MTJ 2.0?

My Traffic Jacker 2.0 is a brand new software created by Joshua Zamora, who has created amazing products in the past like Sendiio, a 3 in 1 autoresponder with no monthly fees.

I’m certain MTJ 2.0 will help many people solve the traffic problem they are currently facing and allow them to generate lots of sales in the process.

I always say no matter what business you’re in, you need customer to buy your products and services in order to succeed. MTJ 2.0 allows anyone to legally hijack traffic from four of the biggest sites online today, YouTube, Wikipedia, Quora, and BBC and turn a profit.

Now that we know what My Traffic Jacker 2.0 is, let’s talk about how it works and see it in action.



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How MTJ 2.0 Works

This is one software which I think is truly beginner friendly and works in just four easy steps to get you ready to start cashing in.

Step 1: Use the built-in keyword search tool to search for a keyword you are thinking about going after, once you do this the software generated many options you can choose to go after.

Step 2: Select the source you want the software to hijack from, you can choose from YouTube, Wikipedia, BBC, or Quora. But there are more options with the OTO1 which allow you to select more sources to hijack from as well.

Step 3: Hit start, sit back and allow My Traffic Jacker 2.0 to go to work for you to identify domains which are still getting traffic from someone’s effort, but available for you to own.

Step 4: Register the available domains you’re interested in for as little as $10 bucks and start redirecting the traffic to your pages, offers, service, or products to increase your cash flow and visibility.

Is MTJ 2.0 Worth Buying?

I would say, Absolutely!

If you understand the capabilities of what the software offer, then you can surely see its value. Let me share 7 simple way you can benefit from My Traffic Jacker 2.0, then you tell me in if you think it’s worth buying.


With My Traffic Jacker 2.0 you will be able to instantly redirect traffic from any source available with your search and send them to any affiliate offers you are promoting for huge profits.

Again, it takes little to effort since someone else has already put in the initial work to get the traffic rolling. All you have to do is place your link in front of them.


Similar to the way you may use this software as an affiliate to promote products, you may have your own products or services you would like to put in front of an audience. This would be an amazing way to Kick-Start your own campaign and get things rolling.

Not to mention, you will be able to save a ton from the amount of FREE traffic you will receive compared to the amount of profits you can generate.


We’ve all heard saying “The money is the LIST”, since MTJ 2.0 can also assist with building your email list it is already a huge asset for your business. It can help you build a powerful asset to pay you for years to come.

However, since you can build multiple list in different niches or focus solely on whatever niche you’re interested in building your business around, other possibilities exist if you want to start your own lead gen agency.


As I said earlier, all businesses regardless of what products or services they provide need leads to be successful. The more customers they have, the happier they are.

How would you like to be in charge of providing leads to business and getting paid handsomely for your efforts? That’s a very real possibility with the power of MTJ 2.0.

This could also become another source of recurring revenue for your business as well.


This is a very simple strategy to deploy and begin to see profits fast. Since the sites you will be uncovering using MTJ 2.0 will have traffic and authority already, you can turn on adsense and collect passive recurring profits without doing anything.

Due to the lack of effort required to profit with this strategy I’m curious to know, is this a strategy you will consider using to generate income for yourself? Let me know in the comments below.


I can’t say enough about the possibilities my traffic jacker 2.0 has to offer. You may have already heard about flipping websites, however with the power of MTJ 2.0, the process is simplified and almost guaranteed you can profit.

Since some domains you purchase belong to people who may have simply forgotten to renew them, it gives you the opportunity to quickly resell it to the previous owner for a quick profit.


Today, many people are seeing success with eCom site and Amazon stores as their online business model, adding MTJ 2.0 would create a massive advantage by flooding sites with more free targeted traffic to increase sales potential.

Final Thoughts

In case you couldn’t tell, I think MTJ 2.0 is an amazing software you can use to increase sales, traffic, and build effective sources of recurring income online.

The purpose of this My Traffic Jacker 2.0 review is to help you understand the capabilities and possibilities of what the software has to offer.

I’m hoping there are no questions left about MTJ 2.0, but please feel free to leave any questions and comments below, and I’ll be sure to get back with you.

Best regard,

Jefrey Mihedji

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