ListGrow by Ifiok Nkem Review-Grow Your List, Boost Sales,and Engagement


In this review we will be talking about Listgrow by Ifiok Nkem, going over its features and benefits and answering the question- Can ListGrow effectively grow your list, boost sales, and increase engagement with 100% FREE Traffic?

If you know anything about business or online marketing, then you know how vital it is to build a responsive list of buyers who you can market products or services in order to help solve problems, save money, and hit goals.

For Newbies looking to get involved in affiliate marketing, I would recommend building a list ASAP and ListGrow is an option to help create done for you (DFY) LEAD FUNNELS. Check out the breakthrough app ListGrow now, or get some more information before deciding if it’s for you.

Product- ListGrow

Creator- Ifiok Nkem

Launch Date- 06/22/2019

Description- DFY Lead Generation Funnels + Free Viral Traffic

Price- $67 (One time)

Bonuses- Yes

Is it really as easy as 1,2,3?

Most software products that are released nowadays claim to be newbie friendly, they make getting results and making money sound like it requires little to no work at all. We’ve all seen ads saying “No tech skills required” and so on, the problem is there is really no way to know until you spend money and try it out yourself.

With Listgrow, they say the only work you need to do is:

  1. Choose a DFY lead magnet
  2. Connect your Autoresponder(Optional)
  3. Activate the Traffic Software

Once these three steps are completed, you can expect to watch your list grow by 100-500 subscribers per day. If it’s possible to achieve these results like these, then I would say the $67 one-time investment is well worth it.

Another unique feature I really like about this software is the built-in Autoresponder, which can reduce the monthly expense for newbies who invest in Listgrow as opposed to others like Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp and GetResponse to stay connected with their audience.

Who can benefit from using ListGrow?

This is truly a product anyone in business can use for their benefit, all businesses need customer in order to make money and stay in business. If list grow can increase the amount of buyers for any specific business, I’m sure the owner would be forever grateful.

Affiliate marketers, Bloggers, Vloggers, eCom store owners, Social media marketers, Agency and Freelance designers, or anyone who sells anything online can benefit from ListGrow.

Since we know that every business on or offline needs leads, anyone can use ListGrow to provide leads to individuals and companies and charge whatever they want for their time and services.

What you get with ListGrow Now

  • 100+ DFY Lead Magnets- Just so we’re all on the same page, a lead magnet is something of value that can solve a problem for a group of people or an audience. It can be a report, list, ebook, training, or even 1 on 1 coaching. It’s normally given away in exchange for an email which allows for future communications and promotions.

I can’t stress the importance of having a list and being able to stay in touch with your audience, by constantly sharing free QUALITY content it allows you to build trust which leads to well-received future sales promotions.

Since the lead magnets are DFY, it allows users to save money on outsourcing its creation and spend more time on other important parts in the marketing process. With lead magnets in different niches, the software benefits marketers and business in many industries.

  • DFY Landing and Thank You Pages- This can be another time-consuming and difficult task for newbies with little to no design and technical skills. Thankfully ListGrow automatically creates both pages once users select the lead magnet they want to use.

For those wondering, what is a landing page? It’s just like it sounds, a page you land on while you’re online. Typically, designed for promoting something using a lead magnet. Optin fields capture information like name, email, phone numbers, and sometimes addresses in exchange for a lead magnet related to the campaign.

Most online marketers typically have digital products that can be downloaded or accessed online, so typical landing pages collect name and email address only. When the necessary information is entered on the landing page the user then receives the lead magnet by email or regular mail.

After someone enters the required information and submits the form they are redirected which send you to another page thanking you for accepting the lead magnet which as been emailed or is now available for you to access online.

  • DFY Free Traffic Automation From Social Media- The free traffic automation is key to success because it allows you to save money and tap into assets you already own. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some accounts you can connect and reach potential leads.

The software allows you to place opt in forms on viral content that someone else has created, which can be shared as a resource with other people on different social media platforms. This allows you to constantly provide FREE quality information and resources which your audience will appreciate and benefit from.

Building a responsive list of buyers becomes more achievable and realistic for anyone who has struggled or hasn’t attempted to build one yet. With this review we wanted to answer the question, can Listgrow effectively grow your list, boost sales, and increase engagement with 100% FREE Traffic? I’d say the answer is yes, considering everything we have discussed so far.

If ListGrow sounds like a good fit for you, then simply click here to give it a try now. Still not convinced, keep reading.

  • DFY Facebook Ads Creative- The same way landing and thank you page are automatically generated, users also have access to optimized Facebook ads for the funnels they generate for those who want to invest in paid traffic.

The ads are written by a team of expert marketers and copywriters who have years of experience and knowledge, which ensures that your conversion are going to amazing!

This is another feature which comes at no extra cost to ListGrow users, and can save you a ton of money, time, and frustration.

  • DFY Email Swipes For Solo Ads- For the savvy marketers or those who want to pour fuel on the fire, the software provides battle-tested email swipes written by pros so you can be sure that your campaigns keep converting at high rates.

With all functions ListGrow provides its users, it ensures they will generate tons of leads and stay ahead of the competition in whatever niche they choose.

Action Taker Bonuses

At the time of writing this review there are currently four bonuses available to anyone who takes action and purchases ListGrow now. The price was originally $37, and then $44, but is now at $67 so I wouldn’t wait to make a move if this seems like a product that can make a difference in your situation.

Here are four bonuses which you will receive for taking action now.

  1. Facebook Audience Builder- This tool gives you the capability to build a super targeted Facebook audience for your campaigns collecting and extracting data from any post, Facebook page, group, and so on. With this data you can boost your campaigns while you save time and money in the process.
  2. Instant Publisher- A multi-purpose blog and magazine app which can also create Facebook instant articles. It has a clean, responsive, user-friendly design for users to manage posts and easily add ads to them as well. It is also very secure, newbie friendly, and SEO optimized.
  3. Traffic Hover- Traffic Hover allows users to quickly and easily add hover-over social buttons to your images, making them instantly “shareable” on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. More shares equal more traffic, which ultimately leads to more money for you!
  4. SociTracker- Last but not least, this bonus allows you to seamlessly nudge some visitors to taking action when they visit your pages or website. It simply allows you to generate non-stop notifications anywhere on your website. Imagine seeing a page promoting a weight loss product you are researching and notifications of more people trying the product keep popping up, It might make some people want to join the crowd and skip the research.

Wow, that’s a lot of goodies that come with ListGrow, and everything for a one-time investment of $67. For those who may still be on the fence about taking action now, there is a 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee for anyone who doesn’t like the results they get from ListGrow.

It’s kinda of No Brainer at this point, get access to ListGrow now and improve your results without the stress.

Quick Recap Of Benefits

When they say DFY, they really mean it with ListGrow. I don’t know of any other system that provides these many functions for a one-time investment.

  • Effortlessly access lead magnets
  • Automatically build Landing and Thank you Pages for your campaigns
  • Generate Optimized Facebook Ads with no skills required
  • Access email swipes proven to produce high conversions for solo ads
  • Save money on expensive freelances and outsourcing
  • Access Free Viral traffic from various Social Media platforms easily
  • No need for Hosting and domain registration fees
  • Engage your list to sell your products or services anytime
  • Make money by selling other people’s products as an affiliate
  • Build list for other people or companies and make more Money!


Can ListGrow effectively grow your list, boost sales, and increase engagement with 100% free traffic? My answer is yes, although I have not used ListGrow personally. I wish I had access to a tool like this when I started my affiliate marketing journey. I think it simplifies the process of making money online and allows users to focus on task that will generate revenue and spend less time on technical aspects. I would love to know what your thoughts are on ListGrow, is this an app you would invest in or not? Thanks again for taking the time to checkout this review, I hope it was helpful.

Best regards,

Jefrey Mihedji

Passive Income For You

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