How To Get Free Gift Cards Online Without Completing Offers

So you’re trying to figure out how to get free gift cards online without completing offer which are boring and time-consuming. Well, you’ve come to the right place, today I’ll share the easiest ways I believe you can do this and start receiving gift cards sooner than later.

I’m sure you know by now there are many companies out there who collect valuable information about your purchasing habits, then sell this information to other companies who are looking to get your business.

If you haven’y heard of the app Fetch rewards, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. This is all you really need to start getting your gift cards. In this article I will go over

  • What Fetch rewards is
  • How Fetch rewards work
  • Brands you can get cards from
  • #1 recommendation to earn cash online

What Is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch rewards is an application you can download on your phone and scan grocery receipts to earn point and claim rewards based on the points you have accumulated. You can also receive points for sharing the app with friends or family once they use the app to scan their first receipt.

There are similar apps like Ibotta, Receipt Hog, Checkout 51, Receipt Pal and so on that offer rewards for grocery shopping. I really like Fetch rewards because you can scan pretty much any receipt from any store and even some gas stations.

I’ve tried Ibotta and found there are restrictions like the products you need to purchase to earn points, some brands or products I never buy or use so I wouldn’t be able to rack up points fast.

On the other hand, the Fetch app rewards you for scanning any receipt from grocery chains like Safeway, Albertson’s, Lucky’s, and many more without having to buy specific products. Plus you can earn more points for sharing this opportunity with anyone who wants to save and get rewarded.

How Fetch Rewards Works

The first thing you have to do to get free gift cards online using fetch is download the Fetch Rewards App to your mobile device and use the code 6KNV3 to get $2 (2,000 points) after you scan your first receipt. You are also able to share this app with anyone and receive $2 or 2000 point each time someone scans a receipt and has used your referral code.

Next, shop for things you need and want, but instead of throwing your receipt in the trash or leaving it at the register, scan it and get points which can be used to claim numerous rewards when you reach a certain limit.

Once you’ve accumulated 3000 point, (which is the minimum required to claim rewards) you can choose rewards from different categories like Art, Beauty, Charity, Travel, Electronics, Entertainment, Fashion, visa, MasterCard, and many more.

Think of it like this, when you buy something and get change back from your purchase you don’t say “no thanks, I don’t need it”. Think of your receipt as cash that needs to be converted when you scan it, stop leaving it at the register or throwing it away, it all adds up.

Brands Associated with Fetch Rewards

Fetch rewards works with some largest brands in the world and allow you to save on just about every purchase you make at the grocery store. Since the app allows you to save on specific brands and not products, it makes it very easy to get points and claim rewards quickly.

There are far too many brands to list and talk about in the section so please check out this short video which gives you a better idea of some brands you earn points from and some rewards you can claim as well.

My #1 Recommendation To Earn Cash Online

As you know, there are many ways to make money or earn extra cash online. Learning how to get free gift cards online without completing offers is one way, but it won’t allow you to quit your job or live a life of freedom by any means.

I realize some people aren’t looking to make life changing income online and would be happy just getting some extra cash for gas, movies, or whatever. If that’s you, then you should definitely check out this article on more simple ways to earn income online.

If your focus is on changing your situation completely and you’re thinking about doing something which can allow you to quit your job but gift you financial, time, and location freedom, then this may be an option for you.

Just keep in mind it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, you will have to put in time, effort, and learn new skills to make it pay off.

Have you ever thought about starting your own online business, but never took action because you were thinking about

  • How to get started
  • What industry to enter
  • What business name to use
  • How your logo should look
  • what if I fail

I was there too, it’s natural to be scared when you are thinking about doing something you new or unfamiliar like starting a business which could allow you to replace your 9-5 job.

Remember this saying next time you feel this way “You don’t have to be GREAT to start, but you have to start in order to be GREAT”. I didn’t come up with it, but it makes a lot of sense to me, and you I hope.

With the technology we have available today, starting an online business is something almost anyone can do if they choose to take action. Which is what I decided to do a few years ago when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

I know you must be thinking, what is Wealthy Affiliate?

It is an online training platform designed for entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers on all levels to network, share ideas, and assist each other in growing their online business. Some people are focused on building a brand and selling their own products and services, others are looking to build a business as an affiliate promoting other peoples products and services.

Either way, the training is EXCELLENT and has allowed many people to achieve success in many niches. You get everything you need to succeed on one platform and can earn cash while you learn and grow your business.


Why should you checkout the wealthy affiliate platform? Here are just a few reasons why I did, and continue to share this opportunity with others.

  • It’s FREE to join and see if the training is worth your time and money (10 lessons)
  • Community support with experts to learn from and ask questions
  • No credit card needed, just an email to sign up and get started
  • Live training every Friday
  • Build a professional website to grow your online presence
  • Website hosting included at no extra cost
  • Keyword research tool included
  • Affiliate programs to join and earn cash while you learn
  • Technical support for any issues
  • & much more

Register here to join now if you are ready to get started. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have.

This is an opportunity which requires consistent work and effort to be put in to see results, however everything is broken down to allow anyone to understand and succeed once they decide to take action. Are you ready to decide?


When it comes to making money, getting free gift cards online without completing offers, or building a profitable business or brand, it all requires work. The question you should ask yourself is “What do you really want to accomplish and what are you willing to do to get it”?

The truth is most people won’t take action and are comfortable complaining about their current situation, I need you to be the exception. Take action to make your dreams a reality. I hope this article has provided some inspiration and direction to help you. Thanks for taking the time to read it, please share with someone who can benefit and add a comment below.

6 thoughts on “How To Get Free Gift Cards Online Without Completing Offers

  1. I, for one, have never heard of fetch rewards. So a big thank you for bringing it/them to my attention. So intrigued am I, I am going to research it a little further. Also, thanks for such an easy to read and understand article. It makes a big change when you can digest what it is you are reading lol.

    1. Hey Simon,
      Thanks for checking out my article, I’m glad you enjoyed the read and could digest it easily. I think the app is very simple to use and offers a benefit since we all shop and get receipts. Taking the extra step to scan your receipt and get points is well worth it in my opinion, especially since you have already done the shopping. Why not get back some rewards to do more shopping? Please use the referral code provided when you sign up, that way we both get an extra 2000 points after you scan the fist receipt. Enjoy getting your rewards in the future.

      Best regards,
      Jefrey M.

  2. Thanks for reviewing and explaining how the Fetch platform works to get free gift cards. It does seem like a relatively easy way to leverage the purchasing activity you are already doing. Because of this, I will give it a try. I had not heard of Fetch but I’m glad I came across your article!

    1. Hey Dave,
      Thanks for reading this post, I’m excited I was able to bring something new for you to explore. I really believe this can be a simple way to earn rewards by converting receipts to cash with purchases you are already making. When you get signed up, don’t forget to use the code I provided so we both get 2000 points once you scan the first receipt. Thanks again for reading this article, please share with someone who could benefit as well.

      Best regards,
      Jefrey M.

  3. I was never a friend of points systems and gift cards. They only lead to spend actual money which you did not plan. If a gift card really covers 109% of something I need than I would call it valuable.

    1. Hey Dieter,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and share your thoughts on the subject. The point system and gift cards aren’t my favorite way to get rewards online, however, it is very simple and makes sense to take advantage of. When it comes to Fetch, you don’t have to buy specific things to get points, all you do is scan receipts from purchases you make to get points. You shouldn’t be focused on spending money on things you don’t need to get higher points, buy what you need and get extra for scanning the receipt instead of getting rid of it. I look at it like turning the receipt into a bit more cash rather than trash.

      Best regards,
      Jefrey M.

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