Ways To Make Money Online Without An Investment

With millions of consumers on the internet daily, there are many ways to make money online. People have quit their jobs and now earn full-time incomes from home. There are various ways to earn online, in this article I will cover 2 great ways to make money online without an investment. (Assuming you have a computer and internet access)…lets dive in shall we.

I love the affiliate marketing model so both methods covered will be similar, but have their own individual pros and cons. The best part again is both don’t involve an investment other than time and effort, and the rewards are EXCELLENT!

Wealthy Affiliate Platform(WA)

I can’t say enough about this platform and what is has to offer anyone looking to make money online and build a solid business. Like I said earlier all you need is time and effort, WA provides the rest. Imagine for a minute you’re a beginner with no experience or an expert already making money online, there is still a lot of value to be gained on this platform.

What can you expect as a starter?

  • Sign-up is free and you can make money before you spend a penny!
  • Free Education to help build your profit ready website in minutes!
  • Build & Host 2 websites for Free.
  • World-Class education on how to succeed online.
  • Community with experts from around the world ready to assist you at a moments notice.

How do you earn income?

There are several ways to earn money on the WA platform, and it is rare that you find a platform today that pays you before you spend anything on the membership. Take a look at the info graphic to see how it works and how easy you can start. Just like setting up your email or social media account, you need to register on the platform with a name, email, username, and password.

I want to point out that once you have completed step one and gain access to the platform, you don’t have to follow the next steps to earn money. However, I don’t suggest you do this. If you have a large following of people that trust you and your recommendations, skip to step five and share your link with them.

You will get paid when anyone signs up with WA based on your recommendations, and decides to upgrade their account to a premium membership because they see value in the training they receive as a starter.

Premium membership is only $19 for the first month and $49 a month after that, but remember you can stay at the starter level for life and never have to upgrade. My guess is that after you go through the training and see results, upgrading will be the only option that makes sense.

Wealthy affiliate will pay $4 on the first month for any referrals you send to the platform who upgrades from starter to premium, then $11.75 every month following as long as the member is still active.(Recurring income)

Upgrading to premium from a starter account is not only great to increase your knowledge and gets you access to more tools and resources, but it also increases your commissions for doing the same amount of work referring people.

You receive $8 for the first month because of the $19 first month offer, then $23.50 every month following as long as the referral stays active.

There is another way to save money as a premium member too, by getting an annual membership which is $359 as opposed to $600 when you go monthly. You save $241, and make $175 for every annual referral, as opposed to $87.50 as a starter.

I recommend following the steps and going through the training to make sure what you’re promoting is worth sharing with people who trust you. There is more to gain by going through the training and getting the benefit for yourself, plus it becomes easier to talk to others about the opportunity at hand and how it works.

I have more to share with you, but if you are so excited and want to get started immediately click here and register for FREE TRAINING.

Marketers With Experience

There are many expert marketers already on the wealthy affiliate platform and more joining daily, you can expect sharing and networking with like-minded people to exchange ideas and techniques that will help grow your business. Many new ideas are formed by networking and creative exchanges with others in your niche, as an expert or beginner the WA platform is definitely a great place to be.

There are some premium members who have used their expertise to assist others by creating courses and trainings to help solve problems and overcome obstacles faced by other members. This activity can lead to opportunities to earn income from the course by marketing on platforms like teachable, udemy, and thinkific.

Online course creation is another way to make money online without an investment, but I hadn’t planned on sharing that method in this article. Check this out article for more details on creating courses online if you are interested in this method.

Some experts on this platform even leverage their skills and knowledge on website building to earn money, simply by helping a business owner or another beginner who is struggling. Some people don’t have the time or skills to put their site together and don’t mind paying for it, so if you are ready to assist you can earn some extra money as well.

Affiliate Programs-Never Gets Old

When I understood the power of affiliate marketing and how many programs are available to join for free, my only questions were “Where have I been, and how come nobody ever mentioned this to me”? Although most affiliate programs are free to join and earn money, you don’t want to waste time and energy promoting affiliate links without a strategy.

Depending on your marketing skills, it is wise to select one or two programs to focus on and promote them. Rather than putting your effort into many things, it is best to focus on a strategy and master it before attempting to tackle another. There is a simple method many people use in order get affiliate sales online, I will share it below so you can try it for yourself and see what happens.

As you can see, there are three moving parts in the diagram above, the producer, consumer, and affiliate marketer. The marketer is the one who introduces the consumer to the producers’ product to help solve a problem, and hopefully if there is a sale it makes life better for everyone.

The Producer

Has the idea to create something to help solve a problem people are facing in a particular niche, he or she can choose to market and promote the product themselves, or invite affiliate marketers to help make life easier and focus more on producing new products.

The Consumer

Looks for ways to be more efficient in whatever they are doing and get better results, by using the products that have been introduced it’s possible to get the desired results and reach their goals. It benefits them to take a look at new products and possibly buy them to improve.

The Affiliate Marketer

Does not have to worry about creating products to solve problems in the market. They just have to worry about doing a great job promoting the products or services others have created to solve problems, each time a sale is made they receive a peice of the profit. The best part is some sales provide reccuring income, which means you may receive multiple checks or payments for the same sale over time.

How Can You Reach Consumers?

There are many ways to reach consumers and get sales from marketing products and services online, I would suggest a means that compliments your strength. For example, if you like to talk and are not shy about being on camera, then something like YouTube may be a good fit for you. If you like to write, then blogging may be a good fit for you.

The goal is to make money online without an investment, so I would recommend using free methods that are proven to be effective. No need to reinvent the wheel, let’s go over two ways and you can take your pick.


Most people start building a business from scratch with just an idea, then build everything up from there. The same applies for blogging too, would you believe that some blogs have been built from nothing and now generate anywhere from $175,000 to $14,000,000 a month? Click here to see a list of 10 blogs that currently achieve these numbers.


Creating videos are an awesome way to reach millions of people around the world to share your ideas, products, and services with. Many channels have been created and help tons of people with “How to” Videos showing how to do a variety of things. This is how I started to utilize YouTube myself learning how to prepare some Salmon dishes I liked, then I decided to create a channel and upload videos to help people who are interested in making money online. Check it out, let me know what you think and don’t forget to like and subscribe if you want to support the channel.


There are more than 2 ways to make money online without an investment, we covered just two with this article so you can get familiar with the ideas and concepts. If there are any questions regarding blogging, YouTube channels, or Wealthy Affiliate in general, please leave them below and will get back to you ASAP. If you need help starting, create your free account with WA and reach out for help. Thanks again for spending time with reading this, please share with someone who may benefit.

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