Get Paid To Inspire Youth And Make An Impact

Have you ever considered speaking as a career path? Today there are many people who get paid to inspire, motivate, and educate people, why not get paid to inspire youth and make an impact in your community today?

Get Paid To Inspire Youth

In this article I will share the story of a young man I know personally, who continues to inspire youth across the US and gets paid very well to do so. Traditional schooling isn’t for everyone, but it doesn’t mean you can’t invest in yourself to get what you need and make an impact in other peoples lives.

If you’re eager to make a positive change in the lives of youth across the world, but just need help and direction getting started, this could be exactly what you need.

I will cover the importance and benefits of being paid to inspire youth, as well as expose you to the step-by-step course you can access to get started today.

How You Can Make A Huge Impact

It’s important to realize everyone is unique and has a story to tell, which can have a positive impact and make a huge difference in the lives of others. Most people don’t see their story as valuable and really don’t have the desire to share it, let alone think it’s possible to make a living inspiring other with it.

As of January 2020 there are about 7.8 Billion people in the world and almost half of them are online, this means with internet access and other technology available to you, it has become easier to communicate, share information, and ideas with people all over the world.

Take a moment to think, have you ever heard stories about people from a third world country who has succeeded in life against all the odds? The chances are you have, and may have been motivated to do more with your opportunity. What stopped you from taking action?

Get Paid To Inspire Youth

In life, there are things we take for granted and don’t realize how much impact they have on others. However, the truth is you never know who may be struggling with issues you’ve already conquered and what they’re willing to give to get the solution you have.

Have you heard of Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Jim Rohn, ZigZiglar, Robert Kiyosaki, or Mel Robbins?

These are some people who decided to make an impact by speaking to groups of people, providing inspiring stories. If they can do it, why can’t you?

Make A Difference Leave A Legacy

Do you remember any of your teachers from school? Think about why you remember them and what impact they had on your life. They must have made an impression which helped shape and mold the person you are today, or else you won’t remember them.

How would you feel if you can start making the same positive impact in the lives of people all over the world? With the right attitude, work ethic, and student mentality, you can accomplish this and much more.

Although most teachers don’t make huge sums of money, the work they do makes a huge impact on the lives of their students and their communities. Can you imagine being able to make the same impact, but control your income at the same time?

Get Paid To Inspire Youth

That’s part of the lesson you’ll learn when you enroll in the get paid to inspire youth step-by-step course, if you’re ready to get paid with this method. I understand if you still have doubts about sharing your story because you may feel like

  • No one cares about your story
  • You can’t make a living as a speaker
  • It will take a long time to get started
  • Too many speakers already
  • I’m ready, but don’t know where to begin

Or whatever excuses may be coming into your mind, I’m sure you will reconsider once I tell you about the creator if this course and his background.

Who Is Ovi Vasquez?

Ovidilio Vasquez is an amazing role model for youth all over the world, he specializes in inspiring and equipping youth with tools and skills needed to land jobs at large corporations. Ovi Vasquez and I met years ago while working for a marketing company doing face-to-face marketing and sales for different clients.

Ovi Vasquez went from being a farm boy raised in a poor village in the sugarcane fields of Central America (Guatemala) to being accepted to Harvard Business School Online. He has authored six books including a #1 Best seller, and has also been a TEDx speaker.

In 2006 Ovi came to U.S. undocumented, and his mother’s plan for him was to go to work immediately and not to go to school. He knew he wanted more for himself and enrolled in high school in 2008 to get his education, and learned to speak English in 2 years.

Today, Ovi motivates his audience and shares information on how he was able to land jobs with big companies such as Apple, Tesla, Salesforce, Uber, and Cruise Automation and how they can achieve the same if they want. Please checkout the video below to get a better idea of who Ovi is and what he is about.

Why I’m Considering Inspiring Youth As A Speaker

There are many reasons to inspire youth as a speaker, other than getting paid. Although we all have bills to pay, making an impact in the lives of young people who will be leaders of tomorrow is significant and can directly affect us in the future.

Have you ever thought about being your own boss, having more control over your work schedule, and income? If you answered yes, then you may want to consider this option to earn income and build a brand which can impact lives all over the world.

Many people talk about living the laptop lifestyle and having financial, time, and location freedom. As a speaker who gets paid to inspire youth, you have the ability to choose where you want to speak, how much you will charge, and how long you will be available to the audience.

Get Paid To Inspire Youth

Traveling to different places to speak is part of the job, however, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend time enjoying the sights and scenes as a tourist after your engagements complete. There are so many benefits to being a speaker and I wouldn’t be able to list them all in this article.

You may be reading this and thinking about the possibilities of how this opportunity can make a huge difference in your life, but the lack of funds may be holding you back from getting started. Don’t worry, I secured a special discount which gives you 50% off the course.

Enter the code PASSIVEINCOMEFORYOU at checkout to claim your saving.


If you decide to get paid to inspire youth, I highly recommend you checkout the step-by-step course Ovi has created to assist you on your journey. He is someone I know personally, and is more than capable of helping you achieve your goals and dreams through speaking.

If there’s anyone you know who is also eager to make an impact, please share this article and opportunity with them. Also, share any comments, questions, or ideas you may have below. I look forward to networking and connecting with you soon, thanks again for investing time to get valuable information.

Best regards,

Jefrey M.

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