Do You Want Simple Ways to Make Money Online? Try These Today!

Most people looking to increase their cash flow without having to trade more time for money usually find success online. Do you want simple ways to make money online which you can start now?

Great, I will share a few simple ways you can begin earning cash online as soon as you’re done reading this article. As long as you are ready to follow the steps necessary, you will be successful.

Before we begin, I want you to understand there is an opportunity to earn as much or as little as possible. Your work ethic will determine the amount you earn, so keep that in mind as you move forward.

I will break down ideas you can start today which will take just a few minutes to get going, to more time-consuming tasks that will require more attention. But remember, the more time and attention it requires the more revenue and profits are possible.

The simple ways to make money online will be broken down in these three different categories:

  • Referral programs that pay
  • Selling Items Online
  • Affiliate Marketing

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Referral Programs That Pay

Have you heard of word-of-mouth advertising? If you have, then you are familiar with this method. It’s well-known that Word-of-mouth advertising is very effective, and it has only evolved as businesses look to grow and increase their market shares and profits.

Think about your favorite restaurant, and how much you enjoy your meal every time you go there. Imagine the restaurant offered you a free meal for ever friend you sent them. Making ideas online to try their food. It would be a great opportunity for your friends to be exposed to the restaurant and enjoy the food, for you to enjoy food for free, and the restaurant to possibly gain another loyal customer.

This is basically how the referral program works with any company offering benefits to users who refers anyone to the company. Gift cards, PayPal cash, and other forms of payments or rewards are available depending on the company you’re dealing with.

My advice with this method is not to spend too much time trying to refer people for little payouts. Some companies have a minimum payout limit, meaning you may have to reach a certain amount before you cash out. Sometimes payment threshold range from $5 – $25, just depending on the company and the rewards they offer.

There are three apps I use and share with anyone interested in using this strategy to earn online. It doesn’t require much effort at all and is pretty easy to reach the payment threshold, check them out below.

Do$h App

The Dosh App, like many others offers you cash back when you shop at different retail locations online, in-store, and hotels. With this app, all you have to do is download the app and link a card to be able to receive cash back on your purchases. Once you have the app downloaded, invite friends to use the app to save on their purchases and receive $5 for each referral. How simple is that? If you shop, then you should get this app and start getting free money.

Below are some companies you can start getting cash back from with the Dosh app:

  • Forever 21
  • Sam’s Club
  • Old Navy
  • Dunkin’
  • Papa John’s
  • Tarte
  • Frank and Oak
  • Lane Bryant
  • Sephora
  • World Market and many more!

I recommend downloading this to see more local offers that may be unique to your location, and allow you to save on even more things.

Fetch Rewards App 

With this app, it is so easy to earn points and claim gift card rewards from some top retailer all over the world. Before using this app, I would usually leave my receipt at the register. Now I make sure to grab any receipt from the register and scan it using the Fetch app to build points. You can also build points by inviting others to use Fetch to scan their receipts as well.

You can give 2,000 points and earn 2,000 points for referring someone to the app, but there are specific times when promotions you can earn as much as 4,000 points per referral. At least 25 points for every receipt you scan, but depending on what you buy the points can climb into the thousands easily.

The threshold with this app is very low at 3,000 point, which means you can refer two people at the 2,000 point level and claim a $3 gift card of your choice. Or you can allow it to build up to 50,000 point which translates to a $50 gift card of your choice. So basically, every 1,000 point is equal to $1 and you can choose to redeem at 3k, 5k, 10k, 25k, or 50k depending on what you want.

This app offers gift cards from a variety of well-know retails I’m sure you shop with as well. Here are some retailers you can claim gift cards for: Remember to use the code 6KNV3 to get your 2000 points instantly, then share your code to keep going.

  • Nike
  • Amazon
  • Panera Bread
  • Special Olympics
  • Target
  • AMC Theaters
  • Apple iTunes
  • Applebee’s
  • Bahama Breeze
  • Bass Pro Shops and many more!

Cash App

The cash app is very straight forward and simply pays $5 for referring anyone to sign-up and use the app. So you make $5 and anyone who you invite also gets $5.

The purpose of this app is to send money back and forth to people with ease. Similar to Venmo and Zelle, you can send money easily to people for any reason. However, cash app actual pays you and your referrals for using and referring others to the app.

You can connect your bank account to the app and transfer money from your account to the app. There is also debit card available to you through the cash app.

Users can even buy bitcoin and invest in some of their favorite companies like Nike, Coca-cola, Walmart and many more.

I do like the fact you don’t have to do anything with the app except claim your $5 referrals and transfer cash right to your bank account. Pretty simple way to earn $5 over and over again with little work .

There are many other referral opportunities which pay, and you can checkout a list of 23 options you may be interested in.

If you’re ready to invest a bit more time and effort to learn skills which will increase your online earning significantly, then I recommend checking out some options below.

Sell Unique Products Online

I know what some people are thinking, what is a unique product and how can I get my hands on a unique product to sell online? Just take some time to think about something you are very interested in, or passionate about. It may be something like wood-working, arts and crafts, or even just being outdoors.

Many other people around the world find these things interesting as well, and may be looking for a product which can solve a specific problem they are having. If you provide them with the product, you will be able to make some money.

Your Creations

The product doesn’t even need to solve a problem, it can be something people just spend money on like a “Pet Rock”. The pictures above are of  decorations made by a 13-year-old girl from Vallejo, CA.

She has made countless designs using pots from the dollar store and sold them for $10 and $20 depending on the size you want. If a 13-year-old can come up with this, imagine what you can do if you really put your mind to it. Check out her Facebook Page to see more designs and place an order if you like.

You may be good at something else like sewing, knitting, drawing, painting or whatever. You just need to find a way to turn that hobby into a cash producing activity.

I heard the key to life is to turn work into play, and let everything else remain the same. If you can turn your passion or interest into a business, you will never work a day in your life.

Take a moment to ask yourself “What am I good at, and how can I turn it into cash?” If you can’t figure out the answer on your own, but you know you are ready to take action, join me here and I we can come up with a solid plan of attack.

Apparel Design

Everyone wears T-shirts and has at least one in their closet or clothes drawer, why not design the next T-shirt people want to purchase and wear.

There are many companies that make it so easy for anyone to upload a design and create different things like Apparel, home decor, and other accessories to sell and make huge profits. The best part is there are no up front costs on your part.

All you need to do is spend time creating a design, or using a service like fiverr or upwork to hire a designer to come up with a design you can profit from. The next thing is to join a platform like Teesprings and start bringing your ideas to life and increase your income with sales.

If you like the sound of this idea, watch this video to get more details on how you can make this work for you. With this strategy, you can come up with designs to promote your own brand or work with an existing company with their own brand to design products they can sell or give away. The possibilities are endless, just take some time to come up with a solid plan.


This is a method in which a business advertises products they don’t actually own or store, but once a purchase is made, the order details are sent to a third party who fulfills the order, ships products directly to the consumers and deals with any returns or customer service issues.

With the method, businesses is focus on marketing products and selling them at a higher price and banking the profits. For example, a company may be interested providing beautiful jewelry to women at affordable prices. Ali Express is website where you can get items at a low cost and sell at much higher prices to make a profit.

Once a website is set up and with the pictures, description, and pricing your customers can begin placing orders. When an order is made, you pay for the item using the money received from then order, then send the clients information to the third-party to fulfill and handle the transaction from that point.

Not tech savvy and need help to set up your own business website? Get started for FREE here.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically when a company pays you for sales generated as a result of your marketing and advertising efforts. The compensation is usually between 50 to 75% and in some cases you may even get the full 100%

I know it may sound crazy if this is a new concept to you, you may be thinking “how are companies making money with this strategy”? Let me explain.

Imagine a company like Comcast with tons of clients’ who pay for services on a monthly recurring basis. If they offered a promo and allowed new clients’ to get signed up for just $20 for the first month, then $60 after that.

If they create an affiliate program which pays 100% commissions for any new client signed up, they would increase their overall customer base as well as revenue.

Let’s look at the math and see how this works:


5 new clients x $20 first month = $100

10 new clients x $20 first month = $200

15 new clients x $20 first month = $300

Comcast on 2nd month after promo

5 new clients x $60 2nd month fee = $300

10 new clients x $60 2nd month fee = $600

15 new clients x $60 2nd month fee = $900

With the example above, you can see 15 new clients will cost Comcast $300 in affiliate commissions and will generate $900 the 2nd month and every month following as long as they are active customers.

Assume these numbers are generated from only 1 affiliate, imagine if there are 100 active affiliates promoting for Comcast. You can see how much customer growth and revenue is possible for Comcast using this method.

Many affiliate programs are free to join, depending on the products and services offered you may be inclined to promote it as an affiliate. Another factor to consider is the commission percentage for sales you bring, since there are high and low ticket offers.

Depending on who you ask a high-ticket offer can rang from products ranging from $1000 and up in price. With a 50% affiliate commission, you can make $500 per sale and bring in some serious cash with your marketing.

There are low ticket offers which can range from $9 up to $500, most beginners start promoting products like this in the beginning due to the low barrier of entry. Keep in mind that it takes the same amount of effort to promote a high or low-ticket product, so choose wisely.

I strongly recommend promoting only products you believe in and see value in. If there’s value in a product or service and you feel someone else can benefit, promote it and make money. Don’t just promote products only for the earning potential.

I hope these concepts make sense to you, and you can use one or more of these simple ideas to make money online. Affiliate Marketing is my personal favorite, and I recommend getting started now if you feel the same. Register here to earn while you learn and I will personally be there to assist when you get stuck on anything.


There are lots of simple ways to make money online, please don’t get caught up in the SCAMS out there. If you’ve never made a penny online and would like to get started, my advice to you is “Go for it!”. There are many ways to go, but one of the three methods will work for you as long as you work it. Make sure you’re interested in the product, service, or company you partner with and what you are promoting provides value to your audience. Take action now and get started if you haven’t already.

Best regards,

Jefrey M.

4 thoughts on “Do You Want Simple Ways to Make Money Online? Try These Today!

  1. This is a great article.  You laid out the case for passive income and then showed some ways to create it. The 3 forms of passive income are correct.  Have you had any success with the referral method.  I tried it for awhile but found creating new referrals was very difficult.  So I tried affiliate marking.  I found your explaination accurate.  I really like the earning chart where you demonstrated growing income.  Your article was organized, well written and easy to understand.  

    1. Hi Anastazja, 

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this post, I’m glad you enjoyed it and found it easy to read and understand. The referral method is something I usually use with friends and family I can reach out to and let them know what is going on. Although I did write an article a while back which got me some referrals too. I find with the time it takes to generate referral earning, you can be promoting a product or service which puts more money in your pocket. How did you use the referral method in the past to generate income, I’m curious if there is anything I would do differently. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

      Best regards, 

      Jefrey M.

  2. Thanks for a looooot of info on how to earn online. Some of these ideas are more like long-time job positions.For some small passive income, i would suggest trying out Honeygain. It allows you to earn money by sharing your unused internet data, so you can make up to $20/month. Been using it for some time and already cashed out few times, as i just leave it running in background of pc.thanks ones again for this awesome article it has been of great help,I was thinking of going into affiliate marketing full time.

    1. Hey David, 

      Thanks for reading this post and sharing your opinions, I really hope the ideas I shared help you with your earnings online. Honeygain sounds familiar, is that the only way to earn with that app? Affiliate marketing is definitely my focus as the earning potential is much higher than the referrals, however, the referrals can be a great source if you have a system that gets new sign-ups with little to no effort on your part. I wish you much success and please reach out with any future questions or comments.

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