Do Free Websites Make Money?

The answer to the question “Do free websites make money?” could differ depending on who you ask. I can tell you with confidence and certainty free websites do make money, and with the technology available today it’s not as difficult to set up as people may think.

Before you start building your free website to make money, you may want to figure out the answers to other important questions which are crucial to your success. What you want your website to do for you and your visitors, and how do you plan on monetizing are questions you want answered before starting.

In this article I will cover some options to help and provide some resources and ideas which can assist anyone in building a free website to make money. If you want to jump right into building your website and need step-by-step directions on how to get started, then I encourage you to check out my #1 recommendation and your website will be up and running in no time.

Free Website Builders

Many companies allow you to build a free website using their platform, most of them have limitations or features that may not be desired by the owner. However, when it’s FREE what can you expect? You won’t have full control or access to all the design features or templates which may be available to paying customers.

Here is a list of some platforms that allow you to build a free website: Thanks to Steve Benjamins for putting this list together and here is a link to the article for more information.

  1. Weebly
  2. Ucraft
  3. Strikingly
  4. XPRS
  5. Jimdo
  6. Google Sites
  7. Wix
  10. Webstarts

What Type Of Websites Make Money?


When you think about your bills, how many of them are subscriptions that pay on a monthly basis? Things like cable, cell phone, and internet are common in most households today. With this model businesses can be profitable and generate passive income as long as they continue providing value to clients, who in turn keep the subscription going.

Here are 3 companies that are successful today with the same business model.

  • Dollar Shave Club: This is a company based in Venice, CA and they focus on providing grooming products to clients on a monthly basis. They provide products for shaving, oral care, hair styles, skin care, and even cologne. There are no long-term commitments and members can cancel anytime, 97% of members say that they would recommend the services to a friend. As long as the client is happy, they will continue ordering products they like and the company just has to fulfill orders and keep cashing in.

  • Blue Apron: We all need to eat to survive, thankfully this company provides a great service to some people who don’t know their way around the kitchen or grocery store. Blue Apron will send you recipes and the ingredients to make a delicious meal at home every week. They provide flexible plans with different food options depending on your dietary preferences. They have basic meals that can be done in less than 20 minutes, to more challenging recipes that take longer to prepare. Blue Apron also has an affiliate program which rewards people with money for new subscribers.

  • eHarmony: Even if you are not in the dating scene, chances are you’ve heard about or seen a commercial for eharmony. For anyone looking for a long-lasting relationship, they say they’re America’s #1 trusted dating site with the highest quality matches. If you’re considering looking for love online but not sure if you are ready to spend money, there is a free trial offered which allows you to test some features before you spend money on a package. They are so confident in the service they provide, they offer 3 months free to anyone not satisfied with the matches within the first 3 months of service.

The business model used with all three companies are simple to understand, they provide products or services that clients want and need. There is a monthly cost associated with the products or services, which allows them to make money. Once the company gains a client, they have to keep them satisfied in order to continue getting revenue. If clients cancel their membership, the company loses revenue.

Do free websites make money? Click here to start, building your own FREE website that can make you money with no experience.

I know membership sites are a great way to make money, but there other ways to explore as well. Some people we know just have to own the latest and the greatest car, phone, computer, and even shoes, (Gotta get the new J’s right). Some people make money by doing reviews for products and services being sold daily.

By using affiliate links to direct potential customers to the sellers sites, they receive a piece of the profit for their work. This is known as affiliate marketing and is becoming a very popular way to make money online.

Product Review Site:(Affiliate Links)

This strategy works well because many people look for product reviews before making a purchase online. If you have a blog with an article reviewing the product and attach an affiliate link, then you can make money if anyone decides to purchase after reading your article and buys it through your link.

Amazon is a great example of this concept, many affiliate marketers use Amazon links to promote products on their website and continue to earn money. Anytime someone buys through the unique link from Amazon, Amazon pays the marketer for driving traffic to them.

You can imagine how many people shop on Amazon, but there are other affiliate programs available that anyone can tap into and promote products. Big companies like Walmart and target also have affiliate programs that are similar to Amazon, which allow you to promote any product they sell on your website or blog and get paid when your readers make a purchase.

Checkout the examples below for a clear picture of what I mean.

Sean Cannell: Has a YouTube channel that helps people with the best tips and tools for online video creation, anyone can link to his website which has tons of video recording products to purchase. Anyone who makes a purchase helps Sean earn a small commission for recommending that product, it’s just that easy. Remember that the process requires work and doesn’t happen overnight, but can generate boat loads of cash once it’s setup correctly.

Marques Brownlee: Also has a YouTube channel with similar products for video recording, but he also reviews smartphones and other tech gadgets as well. The same thing can be expected with this creator, he recommends a product that he uses or has tested on his YouTube channel then earns commissions anytime a viewer likes and buys the product. With over 7 million subscribers on this channel, you can image how many people support his channel by making purchases from his affiliate links and the amount of money he rakes in.

When you think about your social media accounts and how many friends and followers you may have, there are topics you’re knowledgeable in and can share with others to bring value and change lives. My advice is to think about a particular niche you want to target, identify a common problem and provide solutions people are willing to pay for.

Golden Tickets-The Game Changer

I ran across this opportunity a while ago, but just joined recently to see exactly how everything works and how I could make money. The name says it all, Golden Tickets have been around for 30 years and provide tickets for most sports, theater, and concerts around the world.

I’m sure it’s a popular program with travel agents because it can be used alongside trips that are planned for clients. For example, say you’re an agent and a client needs to book a flight to San Francisco, CA and reaches out for help. Once you have the best ticket for your client, it would be wise to see if they are interested in checking out any shows or games while they are in town. This could increase your revenue and improve your clients overall experience.

Once you’re approved for the Golden Ticket affiliate program, you are given a website that you promote to others and receive a 10% commission for any purchases that are made from your unique URL. Did I mention the website is Free and you don’t have to write any content for visitors to read? All they have to do is check your site when they have a need for tickets, if they like your price and decide to buy then you make money. It’s Just that simple, checkout what you can expect to get if you decide to join Golden Ticket.


Do free websites make money? My answer is yes, they absolutely do make money. If setup correctly and combined with good marketing, the possibilities are endless. The problem is everyone isn’t willing to do what it takes to generate the results similar to examples we looked at. There are many routes to take if you don’t want to spend money, ultimately your work ethic and commitment will determine your level of success.

I encourage you to take action on at least one opportunity and watch the difference it makes in your life, share this article with someone who could see value. Please leave any comments or concerns below and I will respond ASAP.

Best Regards,

Jefrey Mihedji

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4 thoughts on “Do Free Websites Make Money?

  1. Hi! You’ve provided some links to opportunities that sound like they could actually be useful and profitable. Goldentickets, in particular, I definitely something I will check out as I’m always looking for more ways to make money online. 

    I’m very familiar with Marques Brownlee. He’s very good at what he does. A few years ago, I used to watch him when I was into the latest tech gadgets and I saw that he has a large following. I knew he was making money off YouTube, but I had no idea he was making money off reviews too!

    Thanks for this great information! I’ll be tuning in for more posts. 


    1. Thank you so much for checking out the article Britney, I hope you enjoyed it. There are many ways to make money online and reviews are a great way. I want to write more articles reviewing products and services that people would find beneficial in their business, but I don’t want my content to always be on reviews. I think golden ticket is a great way to make money and tap into other markets. Providing value is my main objective with content, but making money while doing it is even better. I look forward to hearing back from you when you checkout Golden Ticket, and I will be looking for more useful topics to write on to help you and others who want to grow online. 

      Best regards, 


  2. Wow that was definitely a lot to take in, i only ever knew about the Golden Ticket, Wealthy Affiliate, it is a wonderful community there but i would love to try your recommendations.

    Please i’m still new to this, if i created these sites where would it be hosted?, i have only heard of wordpress.Thanks for the exposure.

    1. Hi Rahye, 

      Thanks for hanging in there and soaking up the information, I’m glad that you are ready to take action. If you are trying to build a website outside of WA you can check out Blue host, I have heard good things about them. You can build your site within WA and eliminate the extra expense for hosting at this time, plus it makes it very easy having everything on one platform. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions or need a bit more guidance with taking the next steps. Keep pushing forward, I’ll see you at he top!

      Best regards, 


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