Do Free Home Based Business Opportunities Work?

In this article I will answer the question – Do Free Home Based Business Opportunities Work? I will provide real examples you can model and start your own business today.

DISCLAIMER: Although it is possible to start your own home based business with any of the Methods we will cover today, I am in no way guaranteeing your success or any results at all. There are many factors like the amount of time put in, your business model, your work ethic and so on which will determine your level of success.

Keep in mind there are stats which state a high percentage of businesses don’t make it past the first year, if you don’t want to be another statistic I suggest you prepare for challenges and adversity. As you move forward, remember tough times don’t last, tough people do!

Let’s get started with the first Opportunity shall we!

Tutor- Each one, Teach One

I would say right around sophomore year in high school, many friends would say I had a lot to say and sometimes they could listen to me talk about certain topics and get value. I thought nothing of it and paid it no attention. As time went on and I went off to college in Augusta, GA. I kept hearing similar statements like “you could be a teacher or a motivational speaker”.

Now we all know that as rewarding as it can be to teach and develop people, teaching is not one of the better paying and sought after positions. For me the idea of being in a classroom setting Monday through Friday and teaching students just wasn’t my cup of tea. I am interested in building businesses and making money, my goal is to help myself and as many others as I can in the process.

With the power of the internet and technology today, it is very easy to share knowledge with millions of people from all over the world and provide value to help improve their lives in a variety of ways. You just have to get creative, think outside the box, and go to work on an idea and make it happen.

What can I teach?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to teaching, and there are so many topics to share your knowledge and information on. For example, this article is giving you information on free home based business opportunities which you can take advantage of today. This is a topic many people would love to learn about and if you have valuable information that people need to hear, then find a means to share it.

Ideas you can consider:

  • Cooking
  • Musical Instrument
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Video Games
  • Computers programming
  • Wood-working
  • Dancing

Keep in mind that this list is just something I came up with for the sake of examples, let your imagination run wild and the possibilities of what you can create are endless. If the idea is to start a free home based business today, I would like to go more in depth with some ideas we listed and elaborate on how you can start your business using them.

It is important to note that some of these businesses don’t have to involve computers at all, however, I think it would allow your business to grow faster and reach more people quickly. Let’s use sales as the first example of building our home based business opportunity.

What are we selling? – FW1 Cleaning Wax…GET SOME!!!

I am using this particular product because I was able to build a small business from learning how to market and sell FW1, while teaching, training, and providing the same opportunity to others who wanted to do the same thing. I know this product works well, grab some HERE if you want.

One thing I learned from this opportunity is that some people are fine being employees and working for other people for the rest of their lives, others want more and would rather build a business and employ people to work for them. We can explore both options with this example, let’s call it Entrepreneur versus Employee mindset.

Employee Mindset

Most employees are not really concerned with the long-term goals of the company, instead their focus is usually to make as much money doing as little work as possible. There could be a lack of the extra mile attitude needed to sometimes reach goals because I don’t get paid for that.

With our product FW1, the goal is to sell a lot and make as much money as possible at the promotions you setup. In order to be effective, you should be familiar with at least the 5 Steps To A Conversation and Law Of Averages.

Understanding money is the motivation, your job will be to show them how to use the 5 steps and work the Law Of Averages correctly to get their desired financial results. I would like to share a link that touches a little on how the conversation can be used, in the future look out for the in depth tutorial with a live demo of the product too.


If you show someone how to make money and provide for themselves or their families using these steps, chances are they will thank you and seek more knowledge and advice from you in the future.

Entrepreneur Mindset

On the other hand, anyone who is looking to build a business with this method can get so familiar with the system and begin teaching others how to make money. With the skill and knowledge of how to make money, your training becomes more valuable and you are more trust worthy since you are teaching from personal experience.

I would rather learn from someone who has gotten results from a proven system, than start from scratch and try to reinvent the wheel. Once you build a team of people who understand the system and have the employee mindset, then you can build your business by training sales professional who turn cans of wax into cash.

The beauty is you can build your business with as little or as many people as possible, the choice is your. It is important to consider promoting strong leaders and trainers to outside territories, and that is how you can grow and expand your business without do as much selling yourself.

What Are Your Thoughts On Marketing?

I feel as if most people confuse marketing and sales. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are closely related but sometimes get mistaken for the same thing. Great marketing usually leads to increased sales and profit, great sales don’t always come as a result of marketing. What do I mean?

Let’s look back on the FW1 cleaning wax we talked about earlier. If the product works well and people are able to try before they buy via a free demo, then chances are you can convert more sales without having to be great at sales. The product and the marketing strategy do the selling for you, all you do is show more people and work your Law Of Averages correctly.

Where many people fail is by trying to over sell the product, rather than simply using the marketing steps to go over the products features and benefits. Most people will buy a product they like from someone they trust, most won’t buy from someone who is pushy or aggressive. Remember people want to buy, they don’t want to be sold.

Marketing is a skill just like sales, but different in it own right. If you learn to become a great sales person, chances are you can teach that skill to others if you wanted to. The same goes for marketing in my opinion, if you become a great marketer of products and services, you can also teach that skill to others as well.

With so many means of promoting and reaching people with technology, this could be a great avenue to explore if you have some valuable skills to share with an audience. I know lots of people who are currently making thousands of dollars promoting WA, a platform to help build or grow your online business.

I love eating- Let’s talk cooking


This can be a very lucrative business plan if you know what you are doing and don’t mind being in front a camera. When you think about how many times people eat out on a daily basis, the number could be shocking. If you have cooking skills that others could pick up easily and save money cooking meals at home, then you could start your own cooking channel.

Lots of people have become famous from hosting cooking shows on TV and building a brand. With platforms like YouTube, anyone with the skills can also build a brand and a following with a cooking channel that brings value to its audience. Eventually there can be many ways to monetize and become profitable.

Just like many affiliate marketers in the business today, you can promote products on your cooking channel that your viewers may find helpful, or you can even offer lessons to teach specific recipes and techniques that people may want to learn about. Just let your imagination run wild, there are many options that are lucrative just make sure you are excited about what it is.

What if this guy in the video above is an affiliate of Hennessy for example, he could easily leave a link with a discount code for anyone who wants to buy a bottle to drink, use it to try some of his recipes, or both. He could generate income with just one video as long as more people see it, like what he is offering and decide to buy through his link. Did he say he had a cook book coming soon?

What if Carlos Santana taught you to play the guitar?

There are so many awesome instruments which are enjoyed by lots of people today. If you happen to know how to play one of these instruments, the chances are there is an audience waiting to take your lessons and “you can make a business out of it. Have the confidence to teach others even if you don’t feel like you are an expert – There are many levels of experts

For example, if you play the drums or any instrument for that matter, you need to find the audience that is into that instrument. Once you start to advertise and people see what you have to offer, you can start making connections and finding clients as a result.

Today, it is very common to take advantage of different opportunities with social media platforms to gain exposure and market products. Staying with our earlier example of the drummer, you can come up with a course for beginners to teach the basics and get newbies familiar with the drums. Once you get more interest and exposure you can add more courses.

I have talked about platforms like Udemy, Teachable, and Thinkific in other articles and explained how you can use these platforms to leverage courses you have made and charge a fee to students who want to learn. All you need to do is find your interest or skill and share it with as many people as you can.

In Conclusion

To answer the questions we started with – Do free home based business opportunities work? The answer is definitely yes, they do. It makes a difference which idea you choose and how much effort you put into it in like we said in the beginning. The most important part of the equation is taking action, and having coaching and help if you are not experienced.

Please leave any questions, comments, and feedback below. I will love to hear your thoughts and engage in discussion so don’t be shy. Thanks for reading, see you soon with the next one.

4 thoughts on “Do Free Home Based Business Opportunities Work?

  1. Very comprehensive and informative article. Also very realistic. Its very possible to work from home as long you know what to do and how to do it. This article is a great example of what to do to start a home based business online. Thank you so much for the information and wishing much success!

    1. Hi Andrea, 

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment and letting me in on your thoughts! I’m glad you found the article informative and helpful. I’m curious to know if you have a home based business or thinking about starting one. Thanks again for taking the time to read this article and please share with someone who you think may benefit from it as well. I look forward to hearing your reply about your home based business if you have one going, see you at the top!

      Best regards, 


  2. Hi Jefrey;  I enjoyed your article.  What particularly stands out for me is that you discussed the difference between marketing and sales.  They do often get confused or morphed into one in the same.  I think of it as this; marketers design the tools for the sales people to sell with.

    I agree that coaching is important, but who do you trust.  Do you have any advice on what to look for when searching for a coach/mentor?

    1. Hi Sonya, thanks for reading the article, I’m glad you enjoyed it. You bring valuable points to the table, when it comes to the coach or mentor aspect of it, I feel like having the community support at Wealthy Affiliate there are many levels of experts with lots of great advice. I trust myself and the results I see through the work and time I invest, while applying different techniques that have been recommended from others or through the training. Understanding that it will take time to build and reach a certain level, I haven’t sought out a coach or mentor at this time. I have used the chat and asked several questions to gain knowledge about areas of confusion as I move along. I’m Sure at some point a coach or mentor will be beneficial, however, I’m not sure I’ve reach that point. Thanks again for reading, please feel free to share and leave any more questions you  may have. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Trust your instinct, and take action if you feel it is beneficial to your success. 

      Best regards, 


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