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Hello and welcome to Passive Income For You. My name is Jefrey Mihedji, and I’m glad you’re here. I created this website in order to Learn, Apply, and Share, PASSIVE INCOME strategies with you.

Passive income provides opportunities for action takers to escape the “Rat Race” and create more time for things that really matter to them. If that’s something you are excited about exploring, I urge you to stick around and grow with us.

Most parents care about their kids and want them to be successful in life. However, most people have the same idea or strategy on how their kids should accomplish this goal. I’m willing to bet the stories are very similar so I’ll use my personal experience and you can let me know.

People loved using the phrase “knowledge is power” and it sounds good. However, as I got older I understood the true meaning and the saying should go “applied knowledge is power”.

Their idea of attaining success was to study hard, get good grades and that’s how you make progress. One day you will enroll in a University, get your degree and start working a good JOB that allows you to take care of yourself and your own family.

How did I do, …was I close?

So much has changed over the years, but most people still have the same game plan. I want to share my personal work experiences and enlighten anyone in the workforce who wants a to take a different approach.


In my humble opinion, passive income is something that everyone should make a habit of creating as soon as possible in order to achieve financial freedom, success, or whatever dream or goal you have.

Passive income in its simplest form is creating something of value that can earn you income today after it is created, and has potential to continue earning you more income in the future without creating anything new.


Wikipedia says it is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to NO effort by the recipient to maintain it.



I love to learn new things and continue to challenge myself as I grow, however I find that most days there just isn’t enough time to do everything I want or need to do. I have found this to be the case for lots of people as well.

My goal is to offer solutions that could change lives drastically. The good news is the solutions have already been tested and proven. THEY WORK!!!

Since we have defined passive income already, it is important to understand active income as well. Most people go to work every day in order to exchange their time for a paycheck that they receive once for the time they exchanged in that pay period.

Today there are countless opportunities available to anyone who is ready to stop that cycle, and start a new journey where the focus is on creating passive income in order to free up time and allow us to enjoy all that life has to offer.


I look forward to sharing and communicating many of these strategies with you and watching our constant growth.

There will always be valuable content to checkout on the site, I will do my best to provide regular updates as well. Please don’t forget to leave any comments or concerns you may have about the site or its content and I will be sure to respond promptly. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

To Learning, Sharing, and Earning


Jefrey Mihedji,

Passive Income For You.

4 thoughts on “About Jefrey

  1. Hey Jeff

    hope all is well. you spend a lot of time talking about same thing in different ways. sounds like an info commercial. I never understand why these things are always secret. just put it out there so people who are really interested contact you and those who dont move on.

    1. Hey Sue!
      I am doing well, and the family is good as well. Please say hey to James for me too. I am not sure if you read just the about me page or other articles as well. I am definitely looking to share information on how to get started if you are interested, here is the link https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=bf2c0d74 The content will be center around Affiliate marketing and Passive Income, it may sound similar sometimes but there is always new content.
      Let me know if you have any questions, thanks for checking out the site and leaving feedback. I really appreciate it, let me know if you have any questions once you get a chance to look more into. See you on the inside!

  2. Hey Jef!

    The layout for your website is nice and clean. You know I think simplicity is best…well at least for folks like me. You hit home with your story about what our parents told us growing up…I sure wish I had looked for other sources of income…not just a JOB.
    I look forward to learning and earning with you!


    1. Hey Tami,
      Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I want everyone to understand what is possible and all the opportunities to take advantage of online. Passive Income is not taught or talked about as much as it should in my opinion, so with this website I plan on Learning and sharing information with anyone looking to improve their current situation. If you can Dream it, you should Believe it, then you can Achieve it!

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