7 Effective Habits Of Successful People

What does success look like anyway? There are many definitions of success, and I like one that simply says that it is the achieving of desired results, or someone or something that achieves positive results. We all want positive results in our lives and with this article we will cover 7 effective habits of successful people, the goal is to take what you like and begin to implement them daily and watch your dreams become a reality.

Take Care Of Self

One major thing successful people understand is that without their health, they are nothing. All the plans and dreams might as well be thrown out the window if you’re not healthy enough to execute. There are many people go through great lengths to ensure that they are at their best everyday single day.

Some people exercise first thing in morning, some do yoga or stretches, and others meditate to clear their mind and gain clarity and focus for the day. Whatever needs to be done to get the day started on the right foot.

There are several athletes and professional who have gone a step further and hired personal trainers, and chefs to make sure they are eating and exercising properly and taking vitamins and supplements that improve the function and production daily.


Game-plan & Set Goals

We have all heard the saying “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. If you want to be successful, setting goals should always be part of the game plan too. I can’t stress enough the importance of having a plan in anything you decide to do, it provides direction and allows you to have a clear picture of your end result.

Trying to be successful requires a solid game plan, trying to do so without one will most likely result in failure and frustration. Think about it, do contractors typically go out to build homes without having the plans first? The answer is no…so why should anyone think success can be achieved without a plan?

Goal setting is another effective habit which is crucial to success, and can be seen used in so many ways improve results and productivity in personal life and business. When writing your goals, I recommend keeping the acronym S.M.A.C. in mind to help focus on key components.

Your goals should be SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, AND CHALLENGING every time and should be written down. If possible, share your goals with others who have similar goals and will help keep you focused if you get off track.

If you compare your game plan for success to taking a trip from point A to point B, then look at setting your goals up like pit stops along the way. Each one you hit lets you know you are on the right track and you will ultimately reach your final destination if you keep ongoing forward. Hitting goals provides a sense of accomplishment and fuel to carry on with the journey.

Proactive VS Reactive

Most successful people are proactive versus reactive, and it plays a huge role in achieving their success or hitting their goals. Other than helping achieve success and hitting goals, being proactive rather than reactive helps maintain a positive attitude and increasing productivity.

Let’s look at this simple example, what if you get up in the morning and begin to get ready for work when you notice that it is a bit cloudy outside. What thoughts begin to come to mind? Someone who is proactive might begin to dress warm and even gear up for rain by taking a rain coat or umbrella. On the other hand the reactive person may just dress warm and wait to see what happens.

Proactive individuals usually get more done, they are more prepared and plan with the future in mind. They focus on completing productive tasks daily to reach bigger goals in the future, while looking for new opportunities to improve and be more effective as they grow.

Reactive individual often blame others and are less prepared. Take work for example, a reactive person is the guy or girl we know is there to take orders and do exactly what is asked of them and that’s it. They are usually not the problem solver or leader in the group, you may also find them complaining constantly and never bringing solutions to the table.

Feed The Mind

Any successful person knows and understands things are constantly changing and they have to stay current, which is why they always seek knowledge and look to apply what they learn. With so much information available to us today, there should be no reason for you to lack answers to questions you have.

I understand that there is a sea of information available and sometimes it is hard to know what is true or false. How do you know if you have the right answers? Do research in order to find answers and always check your sources to make sure they are credible. Strive to be a life long learner and always continue to grow and develop.

Do your best to filter the information you brain takes in and stores, it can slow or stop your progress. Surround yourself with like-minded positive people, be careful of negative distractions which surround us constantly. Strive to maintain a positive and productive attitude daily as it increases your chances of success in what ever you do.

Communicate Constantly

When you communicate constantly and effectively with a small, medium, or large group of people to reach a goal or objective, it usually works out very smoothly. All parties involved usually feel happy to be part of something bigger and play a role in accomplishing their assigned task.

Listening is a part of communicating that many people fail in, which can cause lack of trust within a team and lead to lower productivity and individual growth as a result.

Successful people see communication as a two-way street, where speaking and listening to others play a huge role in the success of the overall project or goal at hand. In order to build a relationship between individuals and develop trust, there has to be an open line of communication where everyone feels heard, respected, and acknowledged.

Set Clear Expectations

We have talked about different but important habits, setting clear expectations is another effective habit of successful people that you should focus on. If you are a leader in your organization and have other people beneath you, it is important to set the expectations of what you want to see happen daily, weekly, monthly, etc. so everyone know exactly what is expected.

As a leader or manager in the organization, it may even be more important to others beneath you to see exactly what they can and should expect from you. Just like communication, it goes both ways and can be very powerful when all parties are connected and feel support from each other.

It comes down to accountability, something all successful people know about. If you can hold yourself accountable to standards as manager or leader, your team will have no problem with you holding them accountable as well. As long as everyone is clear and agrees on the standards and expectations, there should be no problems.

You Got This- Don’t Quit Now!


All successful people know that you never fail unless you quit, so they keep pushing and find ways to go around or through obstacles and challenges they face. There is a different mental attitude and mindset that is tougher than most, which is something to strive for if you don’t already poses it.

For example, I heard a story about a man who wanted to change his life and increase his income. He heard about a conference that could change his life and help him achieve his dream, but there was one thing that stop him from going. He said it cost too much and he couldn’t afford to go, his life never changed and he continued to want.

Another man also had the same dream of changing his life and increasing his income, and also heard about the same life changing conference. They both were in identical situations financial, but mentally and very different. The second man never thought “I can’t afford to go”, instead he spent all his energy trying to figure out “How Can I afford to go”?

He decided to do a car wash and ask for donations to help raise the money he needed to attend the conference. The cost to attend the conference was $500. After an afternoon of collecting donations at the car wash and washing a few cars, he had raised $800. The moral of the story is start saying “How can I” instead of “I can’t” do something, it usually works better.


We covered 7 effective habits of successful people in this article, which of these do you think makes sense for you to implement for your success? I know these are not mind-blowing concepts that are hard to grasp. Just like bad habits are hard to break, I think good ones may be harder for some people to develop.

Once you understand the benefits and importance of forming effective habits, it becomes almost impossible for anyone not to succeed. Please feel free to leave any questions, comments, and share with anyone who may benefit from this content. Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoyed the read.

Best regards,

Jefrey Mihedji

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